Monday, October 8, 2007

What the BUT !!

I was reading this morning's papers and whilst reading the article on the merger of the Barisan Nasional coalition parties into one, I suddenly remembered my friend MK. He used to tell us, "Don't give me that crap. I want an honest answer. Anything you say before the word "BUT" is nothing but a lie. What you meant to say is after the word "BUT"".

Haha.. ya. Come to think of it. When people ask you "Would you like to join me for dinner?". Normally, if you had wanted to, you would have said "Sure" or "Yeah" or even "When". But when the answer goes something like "I'd like to BUT..." or Yes BUT...". After the "BUT" word, it will be "I have another dinner appointment" or some other excuse.

"Do you think I am fat?" .... "Na..of coz not BUT you would look better if you wore clothes with vertical lines"

"Do you think I have buck teeth?"...."No lah..what makes you think that...BUT you will not have problems when you floss, do you?"

MK must have been a genius to realize that BUT the rest of us are not Morons either ..haha.

So, when our Prime Minister was asked if he felt that there is a need for a merger of the Barisan Nasional coalition parties into one, his answer was " I am not saying that this (merger proposal) is impossible BUT perhaps sometime in the future...BUT for now, I have yet to see its advantages, especially on its practical side".

My commments ... "I think the merger will happen.. BUT not in the foreseeable near future".

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