Friday, October 19, 2007

A Sad Friday...

This seems like one of the saddest Fridays I have ever experienced. As I was publishing my previous blog about Uncle Peter, it was still raining heavily. I noticed that my friend babe was not online on the MSN. Found out later that she was on MC.. probably having the sniffles, thanks to this weather.

Then JW msn-ed me to let me know that she has to leave the office as she has just received a call from home and she had to leave coz her dad was really not well.

And the rain continued to fall. Everything was so melancholic.

Lunch time came and went. Did not feel like plodding out into the rain to get lunch. Just went downstairs and bought rice with 3 vegetable dishes to eat. A little silver lining broke out through the clouds when JW sms to inform that her dad seems to be ok but they were still monitoring him in the Emergency Ward. She promised to keep me updated.

Sigh.. maybe I will just go to Mid Valley after work.. just to cheer myself up. But only to their Mall not The Gardens. Cannot afford anything from any of the shops at The Gardens. Would not help cheer me up.

Tomorrow will be a better day!

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Anonymous said...

always believe tomorrow will be a better day

Babe_KL said...

sorry to hear about your Uncle Peter, just when after listening to your story about Auntie Rosemary and him not long ago :(

lost my voice on Fri, runny nose, coughing with sore throat too!!! full package of meds, urghh, but I'm better now

Unknown said...

bengbeng : thank you for your kind words.

babe : get well soon yeah..