Thursday, May 31, 2007

Excellent Lunch

2nd day since starting the blog.. no aspiration to start anything great. Looking at a dull, dull Thursday at work. So, decided to have something hot and fiery for lunch. Hardly ever drive anywhere out for lunch but decided to drive a colleague out for the famous Pan Mee behind the Honda Showroom at Jln TAR. Wonderful, wonderful lunch.. BRURRPP! Feeling so much happier now that I am all hot and fiery... at least in the stomach area. Now, back at the office, with lunch time to spare.. will just surf the net to see if there is anything interesting that I can pick up today.. mmmmm.

Everyday's a New Day ~~~~~~~~

Everyday I wake up with new things that I want to do, new things I want see and hear. This is one way that I can keep track on all these things that I want to do.. in case I run out of what little memory space I have at the top of my head :).

This is really my 3rd attempt to blog. My other 2 blogs were focused on specific topics and that was where the problem started. I am not really that focused a person. Every morning I will wake up and have a brand new agenda in life. I wanted to be a food connoisseur yesterday but today when I woke up, I wanted to be a great blogger. The bookmarks I have on my IE are so long and varied that I think I actually need to bookmark my bookmark list. Ah well...let's see how we go with this... perhaps something good will come out of this heehee.. til the next day dawns...