Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Alamak..Forgot that I got tagged :p

Beribu ribu ampun.. my friend Fishman. He tagged me last Friday and I must have gotten too caught up with my cloud of saddness on Friday that I did not respond immediately. I was blog-surfing as usual and by the time I hit Babe's blog.... alamak.. I remembered that I forgot.

Okie dokie.. so here goes nothing ..

5 things found in my room:
1) My lovely Queen-sized bed which I find hard to leave every morning
2) Tonnes of fengshui books, recipe books and trashy novels
3) Makeup and all them goo to make me pretty (barf...)
4) My 3 teddy bears
5) My trusty back scratcher

5 things I’ve always wanted to do:
1) Take a cruise around the world on the Queen E
2) Meet a drop dead gorgeous hunk and get stranded on an island with him :)
3) Shop and shop without thinking about paying them credit card bills later
4) Eat anything I like without the weight issue
5) Quit this BL**DY job and have the financial freedom to practice my fengshui and bazi

5 things found in my bag (hey you saw what's in my bag already what):
1) Wallet
2) Mobile phone
3) Keys
4) Diary/Notebook
5) LipBalm

5 things found in my wallet:
1) IC Card and Driver's License
2) Photo of my Guru - HE Tsem Tulku Rinpoche
3) Money
4) Loyalty Cards
5) Receipts

5 things I’m currently into:
1) Personal Date Selections
2) Cross stitch
3) Brushing up on my Bazi reading abilities
4) Cooking and trying recipes from the blogs that I read
5) Blogging :)

5 parent/s to tag:
Alamak.. I don't know any that have not already been tagged wor...so how??


Unknown said...

you're a parent?

Unknown said...

My precious Guru has told me that I may have been a mother to many for many lifetimes and many has also been my mothers in my many lifetimes too. You may have been my son too in one of my previous lives.....