Monday, June 30, 2008

Figure Maker from Shanghai

Last week has been a truly busy time for me and I really did not have a chance to blog. But there was also something which I wanted to share but only after my gumpaste and sugarpaste class yesterday.

I was up in Genting on Sunday the week before last and it really brought back lots of memories... memories when my dad was still with us and all those happy times. This time, I was alone, just myself and my phone camera... trying to re-capture the past..... enough already lah with the melancholy.. haha...

Anyway, as I was walking around taking in the lights and the sounds, I saw this small crowd of people and those who know me well will bet their last dollar bill that I will surely "kay poh chee" over to have a look.

The sign read "Shanghai Master - Delicate Figuring Making" - oppsss.. heehee.. English is definitely not his mother language :)

When I saw what he was doing, I immediately moved closer behind him to watch him work. What he was using looks so much like gumpaste, perhaps it has the same properties. Whilst he was working with the dough, it was very soft and pliable. But it will harden into a piece which was almost unbreakable.. as he demonstrated by knocking those samples he had in the boxes above against the table to show that they do not break easily.

This little girl was his model, very much against her wishes. Why do parents do these things to their kiddos haha.... The master sculptor was half way through when I came by and I stayed for at least another 10 to 15 minutes. The poor girl was fidgeting when I arrived and the parents were feeding her snack after snack just to keep her placated.

Do you know what this master sculptor's tools were?

It was only his pair of hands and two little plastic looking thingy. If you look at the last picture at the bottom of the page, you'll see it. One is only slightly larger than the other. Wow... this guy is good. And he is quite detailed as I only noticed that the little girl's eyelashes were rather long and prominent when he put them on the scupltor. Plus some little design on her singlet. I am truly impressed :)

The finished product in a box...

When I saw that , I was even more excited about my Gumpaste & Sugarpaste class with Min... haha...

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tutors - to be one or looking for one?

It has always been my opinion that there are mainly 2 types of businesses that can withstand the worse economic climates….businesses that are related in some way to superstitious beliefs and to education. Man (and Woman) has always been known to turn to miracles and quick fix-its in his (her) hour of need and this is the time when many would probably be exploited into purchasing all sorts of paraphernalia, ranging from magic money attracting rocks to power/money attracting energy stickers. But who am I to say that it is wrong to believe? Its each man for himself.

The other business that seems to be able to weather all storms, economic or otherwise is education. Parents have been known to cut down on many expenses so as to scrape enough to ensure that their children have the chance to pursue a good education for they know that this is the most important key to their children’s future. The most precious gift a parent can give to his child is the ability to equip him with the education and knowledge to face life head on.

These days, when money is getting to be a precious commodity, finding the right source of education is of utmost importance. Education obtain from schools are already a given as sometimes our choice of which school to place our children is determined by our residential address. This is only logical as it would not be feasible to send our children to a very good and reputable school in Petaling Jaya when we are living at the far end of Cheras.

But when it comes to alternative forms of education source, parents these days have more say in their selection of the best tutor for the child. Sometimes, parents check with each other to get reference to the better tutors. Of course some arbitrarily select tutors from newspapers or pamphlets posted on the light poles in their residential area. But that can be risky business. How do we know we can trust our children in the hands of these people? We cannot be with them the entire time during the tuition. How do we know if the tutor is not some pedophile? It can be rather worrying, don’t you think?

If there was an opportunity for a parent to do some credibility checking on a tutor, would they be any takers? I would think for sure there will be. What if there was an independent team of people who would evaluate and assess the credibility and the capability of a tutor? Would parents find it helpful? Well, there is exactly one website that does this. This website does precisely that. It is started up by 2 very good friends and they are people of high credibility themselves.

Their web portal offers parents and students the best platform to look for home tutors, especially for UPSR, PMR, SPM and STPM across Malaysia. I would think that this is something many parents have been waiting for a long time for.

There is also a good part to this portal. It is also for people who would like to make tutoring one of their income sources too. Out of curiosity, I clicked on the “Search for Jobs” button and looked up their available opportunity. Saw this one which I really liked – 1-to-1 Home Tuition -English (Pre-school) [NON-ACADEMIC] to a little girl. If only she stayed near my house, I would love to take this opportunity up. Oh well, there'll be other opportunities.

I am sure this is going to be a really useful portal for parents, students and tutors (or tutors-to-be like mua) for each of their own individual needs. Quick, go have a peek.

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Friday, June 20, 2008

Not Your Average Super Hero

Now isn't it wonderful that Nuffnang is organizing an Exclusive Private Screening of Hancock. I have been eagerly awaiting this one as I have this secret ambition of becoming a Super Hero myself :).What makes a person a hero? Well, I should think most heroes are naturally brave, smart, and strong. It also helps if good looks are also thrown in.

What makes a hero a super hero? First you must qualify as a hero and then if you have some abnormal abilities, then you are on your way to qualifying as a super hero. I went to check the definition of a Super hero in Wikipedia and in short, the definition of a super hero is “A fictional character who is noted for feats of courage and nobility, who usually possesses abilities beyond those of normal human”. I think the key word here is “fictional character”.

Hey.. that is not fair.. I want to be a super hero too but wait a minute, what is there to stop myself from declaring myself as a super hero?? …mmm.. now.. if I were a super hero, what will I call myself…

Wonder Woman - nope.. boobs not big enough

Bat Girl – what and hang out with a ding bat of a partner???

Cat Woman – meow.. having to be catty and not being able to enjoy it as it is an expected trait...what a letdown

Princess Leia – wei!! What super qualities does she have…besides being a fictional character with donut shaped hair-do? JCo or Big Apple’s likely to fight for her to be their ambassador cum mascot

Super Girl – nah.. that name is best suited to my boss’ secretary. She sure has super human patience to work under a boss like ours

I know… I would call myself …. HAN-HEN, the female version of HAN-COCK. I am sure that if given half the chance, I can save the world, take care of all the bad folks but only thing is I am also a klutz… so says my mum…cannot even be trusted to carry her chicken stew from the kitchen to the dining table without tripping and tipping over the entire bowl, thus making everyone eat rice with fried egg for dinner …yah..that's me.

Well, did Hancock in the end learn how to safe the world without leave a trail of damage?? I cannot wait to find out.. so, please Nuffnang...*using my super persuasive powers* to convince the Nuffnang team......

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Vouchers for a Holiday

Ah... what a wonderful day it is today... I mean besides being a Friday, which automatically makes it a great day already :).

After putting up my post yesterday on Ways to Make a Little Extra Cash, I was talking to Sue (mei mei) on MSN and we talked about how money was lacking and on ways to find a little extra to tie us over the days before payday. Then I told her that I was thinking of just taking a bus up to Genting Highlands this Sunday, to get away from the city and get a bit of cool air. That is the nearest to a holiday that I can afford :(. Immediately she asked me where I would be taking the bus and if I knew where Plaza Rakyat was? I think maybe I do. Why?

That was when she said "Tomorrow morning I'll swing by your office and pass you some Genting vouchers hor?". Wah.. a subsidized holiday???

So, this morning, I stopped by at Restoran Dang Wangi to get some nasi lemak (for me) and fried kway teow (for Sue as she was already having nasi lemak when I called her to take order). Met her downstairs from my office and she passed me this lot of vouchers.

Wah.. I am already planning my trip to up to Genting and it should cost me ... mmmmmm....

Ticket up (paid for)

Theme park (I have some friends plus Sue who will be up on Fri and Sat - to watch the Osmonds) - so can work out a share-share thingy

Meals (with great discount of 30%)

Night Entertainment (it's been a long time since my last magic show but I think I'll give the karaoke a skip.

Transport down the hill - free (tumpang - hitch a ride from Tobiyama who will be driving up to Genting tonight)

My weekend suddenly appears so much more exciting :). Thank you very much Sue mei mei. Hope to catch you up in Genting before you come down the hill. May Unca Lim look down kindly at us and bless us with a stack of Jackpot dough to take home to play with.... hahaha.. if you get my drift :)

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ways to make a little extra cash

These days, everything is about money, mainly the lack of it *sigh*. I have been talking to friends, surfing the blogs and checking the newspapers to find ways of making a little extra. Friends will ask me to join them in their Multi Level Businesses ranging from Products, Services, Unit Trusts, Insurance to aromatherapy. You name it, I would probably have heard of it. Admittedly, I have joined a few but probably have not been doing it right as I am still not financially any better off then when I have just started.

Blogger friends as asked me to subscribe to PayPerPost and Social Sparks. I have registered and that was as far as I have gone. *Sigh* being the ignorant idiot that I am, I don't know what to do after the registration part. I don't even know how the bloggers put up that little badge at the end of their posts. Do they just cut and paste or what.... HELP!! Need to speak to blogger friends like Supergirlfriend and Sue Momster.

If anyone can give me some advise on this, it is most appreciated :)

I was browsing through the newspapers a few days ago and came across an advertisement which read ...

“Who Else Wants To Discover The Secrets Of Starting A Business With Little Or No Money?”

Well, all I needed to do was to register for a free seminar to learn the secrets. Mmmmm....should I ??? Still thinking about it.

And since I was still very much opened to looking at options, when a friend asked me out to for a drink to brainstorm on this issue,without hesitation, I agreed. Like I say, I am open to suggestions. We ordered our drinks and as usual, started bitching about life and wished life was still the cheap magazine it used to be...haha.. old private joke of ours - 1st issue of Life Magazine was sold at 10cents. We were toying with ideas of starting our own e-business to selling stuff at the flea markets. When she suggested pasar malams... I told her that we'd better not. What if we get "dishhed - hantam" (slaughtered) by the tai-kors (triads) who rules these pasar malams (night markets)? Haha.. better stick to the flea markets.

We didn't get anywhere. Maybe we needed a bigger think-tank group. So, we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways. As I was walking along (opps sorry, I was at Subang Mentari area), when I saw this large sign which read CASH CONVERTERS. Mmmmm.... interesting.

Went inside to KPC (check it out) and found that they had quite a lot of old (some used and some unused stuff) for sale. I was not allowed to take photos inside, so, instead I took some photos outside.

That is when I saw this.....

Mmm...that is an option to get some extra money too. I know that I have some stuff in the house which have not been used. They've just been there lying around taking up space and collecting dust. The United Subang Jaya Web Forum has some postings on this outlet. Next to this outlet, across a little lane was a Pajak Gadai (pawn shop) - the yellow signboards.

See...right at the side of the pic, there was man who was watching me. I think he works for the pawn shop... and being the coward that I am, I dare not take a direct picture of his pawn shop *sweats*.

So, I think there are still options to make a little extra money but we just have to search for it. And perhaps to find friends and to network with the right people. My search will still continue but at least I know where to dump off some of my unused stuff for a little bit of money :). Hope this will help anyone who is reading this post and like me, is just trying to look for ways to make a little extra cash.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Honey & Apple Vinegar

These days, with all that lovely food from the food exchange program, my own baking and cooking adventures (actually the failures are the hardest thing as I have to be the one to eat them up... else they are going to end up in the bin, which is really money and effort down the drain, let alone the frustrations) and the trying out at the food outlets recommended by some of my favorite bloggers, the waistline (what waistline??) is getting thicker by the day *sigh*. So how??

There were lots of recommendations from friends which included a Carbo-free diet, a fruits only diet, meal replacement diets, de-tox programmes and even a diet called the British Heart Foundation Diet. To me, whenever I hear the word Diet or see the word Diet... everything that comes after that word cease to enter my brain. The automatic gate closes. *sigh sigh*.

But I guess doing nothing about it is also not the best move to stop the ever increasing waistline. Hence, over the weekend, as I was doing my weekend grocery shopping at Mid Valley, mainly to look for healthier food alternatives, I happened to walked pass the Eu Yan Sang Outlet. Saw a load of people hovering outside. And being the super KPC (inquisitive) person that I am, I naturally went over to see what was happening. The 2 sales people were passing out little cups of chopped vegetables and naturally I took one :).

Mmmmm... it tasted very refreshing. It was apparently one of their highly popular Fruit Vinegar product. I have heard that fruit vinegar was supposed to be a very healthy supplement. A friend of mine swears by it, so much so that she makes her own. But the process was long.. almost about 2 to 3 weeks of fermenting. And one wrong move (like not ensuring that the jar or the fruits used were a 100% dry, rot will set in and you can say bye bye to your jar of fruit vinegar).

It was normally used as a drink but Eu Yan Sang has used it as a dressing. What a wonderful idea. After chatting with the sales person for about 10 mins, mainly to ask for a discount, I finally realized that I have the Eu Yan Sang loyalty card. That will immediately entitle me for a 5% discount (RM48 before discount). But apparently if you buy 2, it will cost you RM70 something). Ok lah.. decided to get 1 bottle back.

When I got home, took out all the soon to expire fruits and vegetables from the fridge and cubed them. Took out a can of Green Giant corn kernels. Put them all in a bowl and put in a generous 3 tablespoons of the Fruit Vinegar, toss the stuff around and stick it back into the fridge.

Took a container full to work today.... Mmm...tastes very refreshing and a whole lot less guilty eating this salad without the usual mayonnaise or thousand island dressings or even the french dressing (as there is still oil in it). You should try it, if not for the waistline reducing results (hopefully) but better bowel movements ... especially after ingesting all those fibrous vegetables and fruits.

**This is NOT a sponsored post...definitely NOT** :D

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Monday, June 16, 2008

Durian Bombs

I was walking along the 5-foot way near MPPJ on Friday doing my errands when I saw a poster which read "Durian Bombs". Mmmm.. durian..that was the magic word for me. Went into the shop, was rather excited at the thought seeing what these bombs were. Left my handphone in the car, so I was not able to take the poster outside the shop but it looked similar to what they had on the box.

Oh this is one of the outlets or were they distributors of the goodies that Babe told me about a long time ago... Restaurant Sri Karak.

They had quite a good spread of pastries and breads but my intention was to go in to try the durian bomb and their durian tart. But when I looked at their siew pow and egg tart, I decided to get one of each to go. The clever salesperson who served me said "Miss, if you get another 2 pieces, we'll put them in a nice box for you". Sigh.. ok lah.. picked up a chicken pie and a curry puff.

The tiny little round thing at the top right hand corner was the durian bomb. It was so tiny and it looked nowhere near how I imagined a bomb should look like.

The pastry looked a little like the yam puff but the pastry was not as crispy or light. When I broke open the bomb, I was rather disappointed. The filling was so little that you better not breath too hard or it might just fly off.

Durian Bomb

I think it would have been better to stick to their durian tart. They didn't have the durian puff. Perhaps that too would have been better than the durian bomb.

Durian tart

Overall, I was rather disappointed with the pastries there. The siew pow's filling was dry and the rest were average, at best.

I am not sure if the prices of these pastries were cheaper than other places. If they are, then perhaps that could explain their quality :(

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

A little humor to make the day go faster :)

We all need a break every now and then. From my list of friends, I sense that 2 are working extremely hard and definitely need break from routine. Here is a little humor for everyone, but especially for JW and Fishman...

If your father is a poor man,
it is your fate but,
if your father-in-law is a poor man,
it's your stupidity.
Practice makes perfect....
But nobody's perfect.....
so why practice?
If it's true that we are here to help others,
then what exactly are the others here for?
Since light travels faster than sound,
people appear bright until you hear them speak.
How come 'abbreviated' is such a long word?
Money is not everything.
There's Mastercard & Visa.
One should love animals.
They are so tasty.
Behind every successful man, there is a woman
And behind every unsuccessful man, there are two
Every man should marry.
After all, happiness is not the only thing in life
The wise never marry
and when they marry they become otherwise
Success is a relative term.
It brings so many relatives.
Never put off the work till tomorrow
what you can put off today
'Your future depends on your dreams'
so go to sleep.
There should be a better way to start a day
than waking up every morning
'Hard work never killed anybody.'
But why take the risk?
'Work fascinates me.'
I can look at it for hours.
God made relatives.
Thank God we can choose our friends.
The more you learn, the more you know.
The more you know, the more you forget.
The more you forget, the less you know .
So...why learn?
A bus station is where a bus stops.

A train station is where a train stops.

On my desk, I have a work station....
what more can I say......

sigh...back to work now.... sigh

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"Anything" & "Whatever" MSN Messenger Contest - Grand Prize - RM499 (Wish List) x 2

Just waiting for the whistle to go off at 5:30pm (end of the work day) when I stumbled upon this contest "Anything" & "Whatever" MSN Messenger Contest - Grand Prize - RM499 (Wish List). Wah.. got free food (actually drinks) here.. I am sure interested :). Clicked on the website to find out more. "Anything" & "Whatever" is a new branded soft drink launched in Malaysia last week 04.06.2008. It was launched at Singapore last year.

The contest sounds easy and since most of us already have an MSN account, so, nothing to lose :)

How to Win

  1. Add to your MSN Messenger contact list
  2. Download the Anything or Whatever image and set it as your MSN Messenger Display Picture.
  3. Change you MSN Messenger personal message to
  4. Every 10th participant to send the exact message "Give me anything or whatever!" to the Anything & Whatever "buddy" during the selected hours will win a FREE pack of Anything & Whatever.
  5. The selected hours mentioned above are:
    • 9am - 11am ( 4 winners )
    • 3pm - 4pm ( 2 winners )
    • 8pm - 1am ( 6 winners )
  6. Every 150th participant to send the exact message "Give me anything or whatever!" to the Anything whatever "friend" during the selected hours will win one of 2 Grand Prize Winners - RM499 (Wish List).
  7. CONTEST DURATION: 4 weeks begins from 5/6/2008 to 2/7/2008.


  • 2 Grand Prize Winners - RM499 (Wish List)
  • Total of 252 daily, selected hour's Winners - 1 pack of each Anything and Whatever.
Note the specific times. Going to try my luck tonite :). Cheerios everybody :)

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DanSing Thru Broadway

I must be really getting old as this has completely slipped my mind.

I was chatting with my friend Jeremy about the upcoming musical which he will be in and knowing that my regular musical kaki and close friend will not be able to make it for the show, I was wondering if anyone out there would like to go watch this and I could just like....tag along.. you know.. haha.. it would be great to have someone to talk to during intermission :)

The synopsis is taken from

A geeky and somewhat timid Karim meets Grey for an interview. Grey, a theatre producer who is looking for a personal assistant, is appalled with Karim’s lacklustre demeanour: no wonder the boy has not found work, just look at him! He tells Karim the story of “Hello Dolly” where Cornelius and Barnaby present themselves as millionaires to attract their dream girls; thus, our journey through Broadway begins. Featuring hit songs from musicals “Hello Dolly”, Miss Saigon, Annie, A Chorus Line and many, many more; “DanSing Thru Broadway” promises to be entertainment and fun for the whole family.

Starring Aidil (AF), Peter Ong, Radhi Khalid, Doreen Tang, Tria, Ho Soon Yoon, Nicole-Anne Thomas, Aris Kadir, Brian McIntyre and Sabrina Hassan. Also featuring the Sayang Dancers and introducing the Junior Sayang Dancers. Produced by Farah Sulaiman with musical direction by Helen Yap, DanSing Thru Broadway starts at Panggung Bandaraya from June 25 2008. Come one, come all!

The Ticket and Show details are snatched from DanSing's blog :-

Yang Berbahagia Datin Sri Siti Nooriah Ana Ab. Razak
Show & Tickets Details:

Hotline: 03-41498600 (9am-6pm Mon-Fri)
24 Hours: 03-20911666
OneKL, Tradewinds Corporation Berhad
Lembah Sari, Kiara View, Fitters, DBKL

We must book early... so calling JW, JW (sister to JW), Casper, Dutch, Vic, Sue, anyone?? everyone??

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A Wedding Shoot to be remembered

I have been rather busy at work the last few days and as such, I have totally forgotten to share this lot of photos which a friend sent. It is quite sad to be reminded of that awful day but these pictures were taken by the wedding photographer and it will probably be something that he and the bride and groom will tell their children and grand children in days to come. Luckily no one was injured at the place where this happened.

I went on to google the photographer Wang Qiang and found this article "Quake left wedding party in layer of dust".

At the famous 100-year-old Church of the Annunciation in Pengzhou, China.

Very early morning May 12, photographer Wang went about preparing to shoot
wedding pictures for a young couple, this was the test shot before the shoot...

Pengzhou is located in the Sichuan province. It was morning May 12, 2008.
And then it happened.... the earth quake! 7.8 on the Richter scale.
Bricks fall from the building during the earthquake, which turned Wang from a
wedding photographer into a journalist.

'Thank God we were only shooting from outside the church!' remarked a helper.

The stunned couple huddles together at the church ground during initial tremors.

'I shouted to people, 'Run! Run!'' said photographer Wang Qiang.
'The ground shook and we couldn't see anything in the dust.'

As the dust began to clear, the true extent of damage was only beginning to appear...

A cracked facade was all that remained of the 100-year-old Church of the
Annunciation after the quake. Most of the church 'collapsed in 10 seconds,' said Wang,
who lives in Chengdu, capital of hard-hit Sichuan province.

Soon after the quake, the people at the seminary set out for a nearby village,
but residents warned them the route was blocked. 'We could still hear landslides,'
Wang wrote in an online account of the disaster. So they stayed overnight in a
tent and made it to the village the next day, thanks to help from a truck driver.

A scarf from a wedding dress lies forgotten in front of the seminary.
Wang said he thought the catastrophe would strengthen the bonds of
the couples who were there that day: 'Having gone through a life-and-death test,
they surely will clasp hands and grow old together.'

No one was harmed at the above location.

They'll sure have a Wild story to tell there Children!

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Monday, June 9, 2008

The Lighter Side of Petrol Price Increase - if there was one :(

These load of pictures were sent to me by a friend this morning. Sadly, most of it could not even lift a small smile off me....sob..sob.... bwahwahwah... the only picture that I can identify with was this one..

Here goes the rest of the pictures...

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