Thursday, October 11, 2007

Weird Cures that Works??

There are lots of home cures and weird cures that people have sworn that works. Today, we are told that Vodka drips saved a tourist in Australia by reversing the effects of poison. Shucks.. I should not have given away my bottle of Absolute Vodka to the guys who washes my car every week :(.

There are lots more of these weird cures which we have tried. I still remember in the old days when my grandmother was still around. Each time any of us kids complain of twitchings in the eyelid area, she will either tie a twisted black and white thread on one of our fingers or she will tear a small piece of red paper (chinese use that for lining their altars) and wets it with her saliva and stick it on our eyelid (Yucks). But if I do recall correctly, the twitchings did stop. Not sure whether it would have stopped anyway in due time.

I would not classify what I am going to share under the category of Alternative Medicine (like Herbs, Accupuncture, etc) but I supposed if it is not too dangerous, it's not going to kill ya (smirk) or you could try them on your best pal (hahaha).

Most of these are researched from this fabulous source UCLA Online American Folk Medicine Database. There are some which are totally mind boggling, like these....

Headaches - To cure headache, take a rope used to hang someone and wrap it around your head.

Birth Control - Jump backwards several times in the direction of the sunset, then wake up and jump backwards several more times in the direction of the sunrise, all to avoid being pregnant.

Hiccoughs - get a small cup of water, and light a match. put out the match in the water (throwing it away when it's out) and then have the person with the hiccoughs drink the water.

Nosebleed - Pull three hairs from the top of the head, and it will stop a nosebleed

Constipation - For constipation give castor oil in small doses. Also rub the armpits, rump, backbone and stomach.

Toothache - charm written on paper and put in cotton bag around neck

Very disappointing to find that there is no cure for Laziness and mum was wrong. There is indeed a cure for Stupidity. The cure for Stupidity (of coz they were too polite to call it that, instead, they call it mental abilities, lack acuity ), the cure is pluck hairs above nose buahahaha.


River of Karma said...

Is work starting to get to you?

Unknown said...

Haha.. work always gets to me.. plus the fact that my PC is having the "chills"...Keeps coming down when I have too many apps and sites up :(

Anonymous said...

You should try this instant relief then. Check out the link I provided.

How about putting an empty bowl on top of your head and use a chopstick to knock the bowl so that the fish bone you swallowed can go down into your stomach......

Unknown said...

endroo g : oh yeah.. i forgot all about that one haha..