Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Prayers for Everybody in Myanmar

I honestly believe the situation in Myanmar is still far from good. Both my Buddhist Group and my Reiki Group are still sending prayers and healing energy to the people in Myanmar, whether they are monks, nuns, lay people or even the Junta. Many who do not understand Buddhism will not be too happy to hear that we are sending prayers and healing energy to the Junta but as Buddhist, we look upon every sentient being as worthy of prayers and metta. As a Vajrayana Buddhist, I have been taught that every sentient being could have been our mothers in at least one of our previous lives.

My new friend River of Karma just pinged me to ask me to join them in a 15-min goodwill prayer-meditation session.

"This is open to bloggers/people of all faiths and religions. Even atheist. This is how we’re going to do it – At designated time (stated down) for 15 minutes wherever you are, all you have to do is:

1) Pray in accordance to your religion or,
2) Chant in accordance to your religion or,
3) Meditate or,
4) If you don’t believe in God, close your eyes and send good vibes.

for 15 minutes at 9.30 pm/ 2130hours this Thursday 4th of October.

2000 hours Rangoon time
1430 hours GMT
1030 hours New York
1430 hours New Zealand
0830 hours Chicago
0630 hours Los Angeles
2030 hours Bangkok
2130 hours Kuala Lumpur/Singapore/Hong Kong
0930 hours Canada
2230 hours Tokyo"

Click here for more details.

Meanwhile, the latest updates informed us that at least 138 were killed and about 6,000 detained, including about 2,400 Buddhist monks, when the regime smashed the anti-government protests last week.

Another report said many of the arrested monks are being held at a former race course, where they were forced to give up their robes and change into civilian clothes.

Several monasteries, brutally raided by police and soldiers last week, are nearly empty now.

Read more at the Buddhist

There is a video on the brutal crackdown at the CNN's website.

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