Monday, October 29, 2007

Official Opening of Kechara House 2

I was at the Offical Opening of Kechara House 2 yesterday, which started at 2:00pm for Registration. The actual kicked off was at 4:00pm with the welcoming address by our Kechara President Tan Sio Chian.

2-4 pm Arrival of distinguished guests and Friends of Kechara
4pm Opening Ceremony
4.15-4.30pm Opening Speech, Presentation of keys, Datin Ng's announcement, New Liaisons swearing-in
5.30-6.30pm China Trip video presentation
6.30-7.00pm Presentation of gifts 4 Migtsema achievers
7.00pm Dinner & Chill out Celebration

It was a great event as there were so many people present and there were people from overseas too, from Singapore, Thailand and even Portugal.

Kept enthralled by what the President had to say.

Paul Yap and Kennie (who can be a real clown...but a nice one)

Joey and Roland (who came all the way up from Singapore to be here with us for this wonderful event)

Kechara Members & Friends

Kechara Staff, Volunteers, Liaisons and Friends.

This is Paris Jamie. She is one of the senior editors of Kechara Media Publications.

The MCs Shin and Joe

Datin Ng giving a speech on our retreat centre Tsem Kacho Ling

A little batboy totally fascinated with the little Tibetan boy's toy

Rajendra and Rajeswari

The "Gang of 4" who went to China to check out the place for the future pilgrims

Fung and Raymond

Rosalind and Ash (also from Singapore, together with Roland)

More of the crowd

Guess who is having a great time :)

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