Monday, June 18, 2012

Furry Friends @ Furry Friends Farm, Kundang

I received an inviation to a birthday party 2 weeks ago and I told myself every other day not to forget to attend. But at the end of the day, I still didn't make it. Why? Coz I got the time wrong. I didn't realize that it was from 11am to 2pm. I deserve 2 knocks on the head and 1 kick in the arse.

I had so wanted to go as it was Kuning's birthday party. Kuning is one of the 2 heroic dogs which saved their fellow dogs from death's door.

This was taken off Furry Friends Farm's website -
"During the Rescue Mission, 2 very brave and intelligent heroes, Hitam & Kuning, assisted greatly by guiding some their canine friends to safety from the mangrove island. Both of them had belonged to the fish farm. In the amazing story of Grace, this very courageous dog had swam all the way from the mangrove island to the fish farm. Hitam greeted Grace and led her to have a meal at the lower deck of the platform. Grace was subsequently rescued, given medical treatment, rehabilitation and is currently enjoying her life at Furry Friends Farm (FFF)."

Anyway, when I was ready to leave the house for FFF, it was already close to 3pm and that was when I realized that the party has ended (*sob). I also realized that I had no idea how to get to FFF as I presumptuously thought that there would be a location map attached. But no amount of searching in the entire internet gave me a clue as to how to get to FFF. I tried calling my friend Sue but she could not help as she has always been a passenger and not the driver whenever she went to FFF. Finally, my boyfriend,  Trevor decided to call Sabrina Yeap (the founder of FFF) on her mobile. There was no reply but I was sure that she must be very busy working. We decided to go anyway as we thought, 'how big could Kundang be".
We must have toured the entire Kundang town, which seriously was not that big, for more than 45 mins. Most of it was taken up by the Golf course and a huge lake and several fishing ponds. Finally, we managed to get through to Sabrina who assured us that we were definitely on the right road (if you can even call it a road) when we were going bumpity bump on this off-track dirt path, with the golf course and a fishing pond on our right and the sight of the highway off our left. It was past 5pm when we finally reached FFF. But the trip was really worth it. Trevor and I got to meet Sabrina and John (a warm and friend volunteer and friend of FFF) and so many doggies. We checked out the doggies and were informed that some of them have already found sponsors. I asked to see to puppies and immediately I fell in love with little Brenda. She was the tiniest of the lot and John told us that she had to be fed separately or else she will not get to eat. I decided on the spot that she is the one that I want. There were just so many to choose from and I just wished that I could sponsor all of them. As I carried Brenda in my arms, the rest of the other puppies were all around me, with their puppy dog eyes beseechingly asking "sponsor me too, please?". I decided to sponsor Brenda's brother Simmo as well. They have another sister, but I could only handle 2 for the time being. That is when I decided to lure Trevor from the other side (he was happily playing with the bigger dogs) to come over to the puppies pen with the hope that he will sponsor Brenda's elder sister. After a tough time deciding, Trevor decided on Christy, a little puppy with big doe eyes that melts your heart. So, after having made our decision, we asked Sabrina if we could take some photos and she said "Yes, by all means". So, we took some photos with our little darlings. It was time to go as FFF closes at 6pm. We didn't get to meet the week then (coz we are coming again...promise!)
That was when Sabrina (so wonderful of her) asked if we would like to see Kuning, as that was our intention to visit FFF in the first place. "YES!!" In a bat of an eye, Kuning was led out from where he was resting to come receive us. He is much bigger than I thought he was. And he is your typical gentle giant. He is so lovely and he makes you just want to hug and hug him. We asked for a photo with Kuning and here it is, Kuning, Trevor and I. Happy Happy Birthday Kuning and many more to come! Kisses and Hugs!

Happy Birthday Kuning. Lots of Love and Hugs!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Do You Live for Fridays?

Fridays always puts me in the best of moods. It is like nothing can make me sad as I have the entire weekend ahead. I find that there is a spring in my every step, a smile for everyone I meet. Are you like that too? Why is that?

I heard that this is not very good. You should live for everyday of your life. I do try to. Friends tell me that its because the following 2 days are non-work days, but let me tell you this. I seem to work a whole lot harder during weekends than weekdays. There is the laundry to do, the gardening to fix, the "cab" service that I have to render for my mum and other members of the family. Sometimes, I tell myself I need a rest after a weekend. But that does not seem to stop me from feeling so great on Fridays.

When public holidays come during the week, the day before the holiday just does not give me the same euphoric feeling as Fridays do. Oh well, I suppose that I am truly one of those who live for Fridays. So everybody, have a wonderful Friday ya....CHEERS!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

What Do People Really Want?

I have thought about this a lot? What do I really want in life? Many  including myself would say "Money, lots and lots of money!". But, money is only a means to an end. It probably will not do anything by itself, unless one uses money as pillow stuffings. Even then, it will have to be the crinkly paper money and not the hard metal coins. Unless I spend money to buy something meaningful, money by itself does not really do much. So, that brings me back to square one. What do I really want in life?

I reckon some of the things that I could start with is having unlimited income potential, i.e. financial freedom. I would also want to have happy and successful relationships, good health. That prompted me to go searching the Internet to find what other people in the world are looking for. And I have found that basically what people want can be categorized under material things, self-fulfilment, emotional and spiritual gratification, career, lifestyle, health, amongst other things.

Picture courtesy of
Whilst reading through some of the articles, I became aware that what we want is very different from what is realistically achievable. Obviously, one has to be realistic when deciding what one can achieve or get. I would like to make a trip to moon but would I have the means or the opportunity. So, after selecting what is realistically achievable, then what is important is deciding that it is really what you want, then plan for it and go for it. Hence, it is all about goal setting and keep focus. I have now to go back to the drawing board and relook into what I really want in life.....

That dreadful "EVIDENCE ACT"

It has been a long time and I am surprised that they are all still here, my blogs I mean. What prompted me to visit my blogs is this new Evidence Act, which requires people like me to prove that I am not responsible for anything offensive appearing on my website(s). This kinda of shook me from my slumber. First thing that I did was to change all my settings to require all comments to be checked by me before they are allowed to be published. Sheesh, so much cleaning to do as there is so much crap in the comments to my previous blog postings. Well, there goes all my free time smurfing in my Smurf Village on the iPad. Have to go housecleaning now :(