Tuesday, October 2, 2007

NFSC - Going through a Good Luck Phase?

One of the topics discussed during the National Feng Shui Congress (NFSC) was Personal Date Selection. Joey mentioned that to be successful, one must be at the Right Place, Doing the Right Thing at the Right Time. Sounds easy enough but I used to think that a lot of it was left to chance or luck.

However, I am not so certain of that anymore. Having been a student of Chinese Metaphysics for the last few years, I have come to acknowledge the fact that life is always better if you had the ability to make informed decision. It is not really that hard to accept.

I know that probably it is not only the Chinese who have been using Date Selection as an integral tool in selecting the most auspicious time and date for a wide range of activities, from commencing a business venture or partnership, to getting married or moving house. Of course in the old days, the farmers selected auspicious dates to start planting their crops based on calculations and the tung shu (chinese farmers only coz this tung shu is a chinese almanac). Now the farmers uses weather forecasts and good seeds.

I do believe people of other races and cultures are also using some form of date selection techniques to identify auspicious timings for their various forms of ventures.

At the congress, Joey gave some tips on the selection of personal good dates. He mentioned that there are several techniques one can use for the date selection. The 1st method is by using our individual Destiny Codes. This is based on the time, date, month and year of our birth. From these 4 pieces of information, we are able to locate our individual luck pillars. This will give us a very broad view of the luck cycle we are in at the moment and what sort of luck we will be moving into.

Face reading is the 2nd method. This is quite simple to do. The face holds very important information about us and our lives, if only we know where to look. To determine general good luck periods, we look at a person’s forehead, between his eyes, his eyes and his nose (“he” here refers to both genders). The forehead of the person should be high. High here is defined as higher than 5 fingers width, from the hairline to the eyebrows.

The area between the eyebrows must be “bright” and fleshy. His eyes should be alert (not dull or watery) and full of spirit and his nose tip should also be fleshy (not bulbous) and has a healthy shade (not oily). These are all indications that the person is undergoing an auspicious luck period.

The 3rd method which Joey recommended was using the Flying Stars. This technique is not only used for the plotting of a house feng shui but also for our personal feng shui. We use the person’s Gua (based on his year of birth) to determine his luck for this month and the year as well.

When we use only 1 of the methods, obviously it can become rather general as there are lots of people born in the same year and some facial features are not easy to discern. However, when we take the person’s birthdate and time to add to the entire equation, then the results are more tailored to that one person.

All these will just give us a very rough indication on the person’s luck for the current period. Once the good luck period is determined, then one can go into the dates selection. Joey wrote an entire book on this subject matter but in a nutshell, his technique is first to eliminate all the “bad” inauspicious dates leaving only a handful of “good” dates. You’d be surprise to know that out of 365 days in a year, sometimes we can only get about 10 good days. Ha ha.. does this mean that for the rest of the 355 days, we just sleep the days away, doing nothing for fear of getting lousy repercussions? Nah.. that is being too paranoid already. These so call good days are really reserved for very important events like going into a business venture, starting a partnership, getting married or moving house. Come on, we don’t do this sort of thing every other month do we?

Well, if you are interested in learning more about Personal Dates Selection, you can do one of many things. Consult a feng shui master; buy the Personal Date Selection book from Joey Yap’s website or at any of the bookstores; or ASK ME. I am trying to plot my own Personal Good dates at the moment and I can teach you how to do it at the same time.

Anyways, I am still compiling some of the stuff talked about at the National Feng Shui Congress. So, watch this space.


River of Karma said...


Keep it coming! If you got video better.


Unknown said...

Wish you were there River... no video. But go to www.masteryacademy.com.. maybe you'll find something interesting there :)

The Malaysian Life said...

Thanks for this post. This is interesting stuff. I've known of Joey Yap since he was training with Yap Cheng Hai.
I'm not sure if a person can accurately predict dates for good destiny. If this was possible, then most rich people and great leaders will not fail. Well, this is just my opinion...

Anonymous said...

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