Sunday, July 19, 2009

Puppies for Sale - 3 Left

Latest update : only 3 left

Since the post went out, 2 have been sold and based on first come first serve, there will be 3 more left to go.

These are some of the photos taken today. There are like little toys :)

Girl Girl 1

Girl Girl 2

Boy Boy.

A girlfriend who viewed these photos told me that the puppies are not very nice. I truly believe that it is my non-existent photography skill that is doing injustice to these cuties. Two friends who have seen them all today (Douglas and Patrick) might be able to give you their unbiased opinion on them :). If you are reading this blog, please comment guys. Thanks.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Urgent - Puppies for Sale

These puppies need good loving homes to go to. They are growing up very fast and getting more and more adorable each day. I would want one for myself but not at this moment as money is really very tight for me. They are all micro chipped, vaccinated and is awaiting the processing of their birth certificates. They are fathered by an award winning Shitzu named Pongo whose owners are a Pet Grooming outlet. The grandfather on the mummy side is also an award winning Shitzu. The owner has indicated that the price for these lovelies are definitely below market price as she is not a breeder. Just an ordinary lady who loves dogs to bits. So, the future owners must also be true dog lovers too.

One has been grabbed already and only a few left.

If there are anybody interested, please contact me. There is a commission also for those who are able to recommend a successful buyer for these puppies. Please sms this number for more info : 012 727 8337

Meanwhile, have a look at them cuties :)

This last one has been sold