Thursday, October 18, 2007

Is Ageing Optional?

Did you know that ageing is optional? Hah…. really? How come nobody told me? I have always thought that it was an inevitable and natural process… unless you had money for some Nip Tuck…. haha.

Cosmetics salespersons and MLM businesses have been pushing lotions and creams, vitamins and food supplements respectively to help reverse the aging process for many people. I reckon all these may work, to a certain extent but it will surely cost lots of money.

What if someone came along and told you that the “Fountain of Youth” is actually available and relatively affordable? Would you be interested to listen? I would.

Apparently, this is nothing new and most of us already knew it. Know something and doing it is where we all failed. Did you know that staying healthy and looking young (relative) is 3-pronged?

Food, Sleep & Exercise.

Food – we just have to know what’s right to eat and what’s not. I think we have all gone through lessons in school which has taught us the various food groups. Not to much carbohydrates and fats, more fruits, proteins & drink lots of water. Hence, food to eat more often would be in the form of white meat (fish & chicken), lots of beans and legumes, plenty of fruits and vegetables. The trick here is also moderation and balance. I have been told by friends who are in the nutrition field that eating fruits and vegetables also meant selecting a wide variety to eat from and more importantly, to have them in all colors in each sitting.

Sleep – we really have to sleep sufficiently and that would mean at least 6 hrs a night. The key word here is night. Sleeping 6 hrs in the day with the blinds drawn is not the same as 6 hrs in the night. The body apparently is too smart to be tricked and some cells regeneration can only be done effectively in the night-time darkness. Proof of this is confirmed by the Chinese sensei who treated my Guru H.E. Tsem Tulku Rinpoche during his recent bout of illness.

Exercise – the body must be made to exercise at least 30 mins a day on a stretch. I reckon one does not have to join a gym just to do this. Parking further away or walking up to your office floor is a great start. But getting up in spurts or 2 mins from the TV couch to the fridge and adding it up to 30mins a day does not work out to be the same.

I think I will seriously look into this formula and use it together with the British Foundation Diet which babe mailed me a few weeks ago. Look out world to a slimmer and younger ME… buahahah….

Also do check out this Food Guide Pyramid site.

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Fishman said...

Ageing is not optional. Acceptance of ageing is. That when you see some "plastic" looking people... hehe.

Anyway I have tagged you! Well..apparently it's the blogosphere "in" game and I got caught into it. Check it out!

Dc said...

aging for ladies they got all those things to put onto their faces hands arms and such, guys just get their pot bellies

Unknown said...

fishman : there is so much you have to teach me abt blogging lah.. like how to post via your mobile and now this tagging thing.. HELP! What's that??

B@m®©™ : is that a fact?? you sure that guys don't need them facials and other stuff too??haha