Friday, March 28, 2008

Please Help if You can

This morning when I opened my mail box, I saw a mail which was sent to me by one of my gal pals (S aka Casper). She said "Thot u ladies might have friends who are dog lovers that may be able to rescue some of these cuties! " and forwarded this email to me....

"Dear all,

I am sorry to have to trouble you again. Two days ago a lady by the name
of Jacqueline Tsang contacted me asking me for help. I was not sure who is
this person, but having listen to her I cannot help but come to the
conclusion that she must either be a compassionate crack pot or an angel in
our midst. I was invited to her house and there I saw a group of people who
are her neighbours helping her out cleaning cages and feeding many puppies
that were rescued from the Dewan Bandaraya City Pound in Setapak.

I will tell you more about this one woman campaign is rescuing strays in
any another mail. Then you decide whether she is a crack pot or a
consummate, passionate person who loves animal. To cut a long story short
she got these 37 puppies in various conditions and spend her own money
feeding them and getting a number of Vets to help her out, which they did.
Of the 37 puppies, some are in poor condition and many of them are still
with the Vet under observation. Jacqueline told me that those that are open
for adoption must be in reasonably good condition and are approved by the
vet that they are ready for adoption. Some of the puppies do not look like
strays, and I wonder how they landed in the pound.

The puppies are about 6 to 8 weeks old and I have not even bothered to ask
how many male and females in the brood. My first reaction when Jacqueline
called me, was that she took on more than she could chew. Okay so there was
an error of judgment and when I chastised her, she took it in good faith
but she protested that if she had left it to the Pound, the puppies will be
put to sleep and these are good dogs that deserve a chance. She reminded me
about the 3 pups that I rescued in Shah Alam two months ago and she asked
me what drove me to do it.

Okay, we have a situation here and I am asking all of you out there who
believe in compassion , love and whatever your good book have taught you
above love and compassion to pause and consider this appeal. Jacqueline
does not want your money, she spend about RM6,000 per month out of her own
pocket to fuel her passion on animal rescue. All she wants from me or
rather you is to help her to house these little puppies. In her words, give
them a chance, they are loyal God's creatures.

With this in mind, I am asking all of you who are Christian, Mormons,
Hindu, Muslim , Taoist, Buddhist, Bahai, or others. I am asking you to put
your compassion and love into practise, help us find a home for all these
animals. You may not be able to take in another dog, but your friends or
neighbour may be able to do so.

I am enclosing 8 pictures in low resolution of Jacqueline and a helper
Eric, and pictures of some of the doggie. All of them are available for
adoption. You may contact her direct if you are keen and if you have
friends who can help out, can you please forward this mail to them.

Jacqueline's No: 012-2070436.

Pictures taken today (17th March 2008)."

Pictures are attached below...

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Japanese Food is super Yummy

I nearly forgot to share this wonderful experience of eating Japanese food, until I stopped by at one of my favorite bloggers's TwoSuperheroes' blog today and read their post on Sakae Sushi at Bangsar Village II. I love Japanese food and normally I can only afford to go to Sushi King's, Oh Sushi and Sakae Sushi. But over Easter, a friend and I decided to splurge after eating home cook food almost every other day.

We wanted really good authentic Japanese food, and buffet at that. Didn't want Shogun or Ichiban or Saisaki as these I have tried already and furthermore they were a little more fusion as they do take care of those who are not totally 100% Japanese food enthusiasts. We decided to give Gen Japanese Restaurant a try.

For reservations, call (03) 4042 9888 / 2771 9888 ext. 1011

They are currently having this promotion but we went for their Buffet Dinner RM69.90++


(1 - 31 March 2008)

Rice, a staple in many Asian countries, is the highlight at Gen Japanese Restaurant this month. Savour dishes such as Gomoku Meshi, Kaisen Kama Meshi and Ika Meshi.

A La Carte
From RM28.00++ per selection

I was totally impressed with their food selection as they had almost everything that I wanted to eat. We were there at about 8pm, and as we had no reservations, all the window tables were taken. We were given a table almost next to the buffet come true for me..haha.

My view from our table... :)

Let me just share with you what we had....the food was really A1 quality. Not a place where I could afford to go frequent too often.. maybe once a long while... definitely worth every sen spent.




There were lots more great food my alas..... my stomach threaten that if I dare to take another mouthful, it will really spill my guts out...sigh.. told my friend, "Come... I think we have eaten more than our RM69.90++ (each) worth...time to go... but, we'll definitely be back..... one day!"

Level 10, The Legend Hotel
Lunch :12.00 pm - 2.30 pm (Monday - Friday)
Dinner : 6.30 pm - 10.30 pm (Tuesday - Sunday)
Closed on Mondays. Buffet Dinner from Thursdays to Sundays.
For reservations, call (03) 4042 9888 / 2771 9888 ext. 1011

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Something to kick start the day

Ah... the sun is out and things are drying up ... after that awful miserable downpour last night that flooded several parts of KL city. Anyway, I just wanted to share this which came from my friend Simon... just to kick start the day...

Me First

The Surgeon General says.....

Diversionary Tactic

Words of Wisdom

A Fortune to Remember

Stay off the Course... or else!

Not my job

Desperate for a ticket to the World Cup

Best Google Ad

Best T-shirt Design

Timotei Ad

Fridge Magnet

Queen of the Blondes

What will I be when I grow up?

Actually, the real reason why I am sharing these is coz my friend Simon says that if I don't.....
A dog will come pee on my computer....

Have a great Tuesday folks :)

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Monday, March 24, 2008

The Dreams and Aspirations of a Lot of Bloggers

My friend Tobiyama just sent me a cartoon which depicts the dreams and aspirations of a lot of bloggers including myself...

and we will survive....YEAH!!

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A bucketful of fishies...the kind that I like

I thoroughly enjoy reading Fishman's blog and have always been impressed with how clean he is able to keep his aquarium. We used to have an aquarium too when my brothers and I were children and every Saturday, we will try to make ourselves invisible as it is aquarium cleaning day for dad. He will make us carry the pails, the hose, and cholorine and whatyouhaveits. He makes us do the heavy duty stuff like carry the clean water in and take out the yucky water and the yucky sponge out into the side of the house. It stinks awfully coz of all the fishies' pooh and worse ...the cacings (worms).

Ever since then, I have no desire to rare fish.. big or small.. nothing against them but it is just that the cleaning is just too much work. They are actually very nice pets as they are not intrusive and really lives in a world of their own. I realize that my nephew loves to keep fishes too. They have a rather big aquarium at his por por's (maternal grandmother's) house. But just last week, one of his fish died...the large silver one.. toman (snakehead), that's what I thought it was but I could be wrong. I don't really know my fishes that well. So, this week, I decided to cheer him up and gave him some in a plastic container. When he got them, he was rather speechless. I told him, he can eat them all in one go or have some today and keep some tomorrow. Ha Ha.. don't call the animal conservation just yet.... coz I gave him these type of fishies.. the kind that I like and perhaps he will like too...



They are actually agar-agar (jelly). Made them on saturday morning using the molds I got from the marketplace. If you want to have a look at the recipe, do pop by here!

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Friday, March 21, 2008

Pacific West has done it again...:)

There are some days when I feel really really lazy and wish that there were instant food pills or something that I can just pop but still savior the taste and smell of the real thing :).

Anyways, the other day, when I was doing my groceries, there was this pretty girl at the Freezer section dishing out some yummy fishy stuff. As I pushed my trolley towards her, I saw that it was one of my favorite fish supplier...Pacific West.

Apparently, they have a new product out which is a fish sandwich. It appeared somewhat like what oled Ronald McD serves inside his Fillet-o-Fish. Not only was it currently sold at a ringgit or so cheaper (I am not exactly sure but it should be about RM12 or so), but it came with a free bottle of Tropical Mayonnaise. Hey, why not.

So, that was what I had for lunch yesterday.. with an egg over it or without, I chomped down and waited for the moment of truth....... not bad... not bad at all. I reckon with a dash of French Mustard and their Tropical Mayo, it could indeed give old Ronald a good run for his money...haha..

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

SMS-es to Boycott Newspapers

I think many of us would have gotten this message to boycott newspapers, either via emails or the internet. In fact, I have received several of these messages but I chose not to forward any of them. Not because I was for or against the boycott but one, it costs money to resend sms-es and it takes effort (to click forward and select from the Address list to choose which of my friends that I want to send to) haha. On Monday evening, a friend reminded me not to buy any more papers, at least for the week....sigh.

You see, every morning, I will pass by this old Indian uncle by the highway who sells newspapers. I reckon that to earn a living, he is obviously risking life and limbs by standing there to earn a couple of sens for each copy of newspaper he sells. Now, if everyone were to boycott newspapers, who do you think will be impacted immediately? The media people itself? Maybe in the long run, the long long run. But people like uncle will be the first to feel the loss. The loss of what little returns he will be making each day to feed his family. Anyway, I didn't heed the sms-es, the emails or the advice of my dear friend. I still stopped the car yesterday morning on my way to work to get my daily newspaper, even if only to read the advertisements and wrap dog poop with it after I am done.

I chanced upon a post yesterday in the internet which read " Did you get that sms to boycott papers - c'mon, what we need is MORE newspapers!". This piece of article was taken off the "Malaysian Insider". It is quite an interesting read actually. Have a read if you have the time and it might add a different perspective to things. Anyways, I got home last night and having had a quick and simple dinner, I was itching to play "baking". So, I got out all my flour and stuff and decided to make a pandan flavored marble cake. If you are interested in the recipe, you are more than welcome to pop into Recipes from a Cook Wannabe.

As I got up this morning and was putting in slices of this marble cake into a plastic container meant for the test bunnies in the office, I thought to myself. What if just this once, the test bunnies were given a rest from having to test the cake? Then I could give the lot to uncle who sells newspaper by the highway. He might not realize he is a test bunny, but I am sure he won't suffer any consequence from eating the cake (see deric of dcyk is still alive and kicking today after ingesting several of my previous cakes heehee). And more importantly, it might serve as a little surprise for uncle's family when he comes home with his merger takings for the day with a little cake :). I wonder, could this be classified under one of them "Random Act of Kindness" thingy??

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