Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Jealous Husband Sets off Grenade

Just recently, I wrote about what wives and girlfriends did to teach their cheating husbands and boyfriends a lesson of their lives. And I mentioned that guys were much cooler species when it comes to needing to vent revenge on cheating wives and girlfriends. But I suppose there are always exceptions to the rules.

It was reported in the newspaper today that 4 people and 6 others were injured when a jealous husband set off a hand grenade in his home in northern Vietnam. Those dead included his wife and his own sister. He was injured and so was his wife's suspected lover.

I have to admit that when I tried to google "revenge of cheating husbands on their wives"... most of the sites talked about cheating husbands or cheating spouses,without the specifics. And you would find all sorts of help for cheated wives.... such as this "The Woman's Book of Revenge".

So, where would a guy go for ideas?

After a bit of searching, I finally stumble upon a site by Rant Morgan. He has a How To guide on : How to get even with a Cheating Spouse. It is quite an interesting read.

Below are excerpts.

"Once you’re sure you’ve nailed your partner in the act, you need to chill. No matter how much you plan and prepare, if you’re angry you’ll fuck it all up. You need to be calm and level headed so you can teach them a lesson. Embarrassing yourself will only lead to another night of drinking at the local dive."

"I like to go with the embarrassment technique. There’s nothing quite like embarrassing the spouse in front of all their friends. Not only will they look like the biggest whore dog monkey ass around, they’ll feel pretty bad about it too. ...."

"When your spouse is among a group of friends, preferably a group larger than five, storm into the room screaming about them cheating. When they deny it, which they will, wave the photo’s around saying you have proof. Don’t hand them to anyone, just wave them around calling your spouse a dog faced whore. The key is to yell loudly, and don’t let them speak. Then after you’ve had your fill, leave the room.".

To

But he spoilt all his grand ideas with this message....This guide is for entertainment purposes only, and should not be taken seriously.... ah shucks!

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