Friday, September 21, 2007

Old Stuff but what a dish..

Just killing a bit of time before lunch time happen and went into MuggleNet and wow..Harry..Harry..I know about Equus but until I saw those wawawoom pics.. I never knew you were so good looking. This is old stuff to lots of people but I have not seen many of these pictures before. I have taken the liberty of "snatching" the photos from mugglenet and planting them here but don't worry .... nothing that goes beyond bad taste.. haha.. but I do have one very special one which I am not posting here... in case little girls stumble upon this blog.

This was the Equus Article that came up at the begining of the year.

And these are the delicious photos of Harry Potter aka Daniel Radcliffe.


Dc said...

ehhh to say that but the pic you have , i think i saw it in someone's blog before too, and it's ehh photoshopped like someone said, because you can see his legs and his ehh, but not the horse's legs, was photoshopped in la...hahaha

Unknown said...

heehee...i think that is for Daniel to know and for us to guess lor heehee