Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Kechara House 2

My dharma centre is really expanding and over the weekend, after many weeks of renovation of the new place, which is just across the road from the current place, we were finally ready to occupy the new premise. Major shifting of some of the precious items commenced on Saturday morning. There were a lot of us there and everyone was happy and excited over the entire affair.

The floors were swept and mopped, the cabinets were cleaned before some of us went back to KH1 (the newly renovated place is known as KH2 - Kechara House 2) to invite the first few "occupants".

After having housed Lord Manjushri, Guru Rinpoche and Lord Varjrasatva in their respective new abodes, we were given a break to have lunch and to catch up with each other. Lord Setrap prayers and invitation over to KH2 will only commence at 1pm.

At 1pm, we carried out prayers for Lord Setrap at KH before the entourage went over to KH2 making preparations to receive Lord Setrap from KH. Whilst doing that, Lord Dzambala (the smaller statue) arrived in Peter's car. Wow.. everything was so very exciting.

Finally, about 2plus, everything was ready (as we had a little hitch with the pearl curtains deco at Lord Setrap's Chapel). So many helping were hands needed as Lord Setrap's Glass Cabinet for his pearls and other offerings must have weighed a tonne.

As Lord Setrap made his way in, all of us greeted him with chants of Migtsema and his mantra. Everything felt so perfect.

It was about 3pm and the Kechara Committee was going over to KH for their meeting. The rest of the folks were either going to join the committee for the meeting, or just hang around KH2 to relax. I had to go off as there were plently of errands waiting for me to do. I did not stay for the invitation of Lord Dzambala but I managed to borrow some great pics from this wonderful site to show how beautiful our new KH2 is.

Lord Setrap

Lord Dzambala

Je Tsongkapa Tsa Tsa at the Buddha Oasis

Wealth Vases beautifully set up

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