Friday, September 14, 2007

Clothes maketh men

I will probably be struck down by lightning or worse… bludgeoned on the head by a cudgel for posting this blog heehee.

I have known that it is clothes that maketh a man (perhaps less of a woman). That is why men in uniform is rather dashing and appealing to lots of women. However, for men, I reckon they would prefer a woman with as little clothing as possible.

I was invited to stay on after prayers just this Monday to help out with the removal of the jewels and costume of our Dharma Protector Lord Setrap as we are going to transport him from the current Dharma Centre Kechara House to our extension KH2 just down the road in the very near future. The senior students of the Centre will be arranging to get the costume laundered and the jewels will be washed and cleaned by the students themselves.

Since there were “more backsides than persons” (haha..that is a literal translation from the Cantonese saying “see fatt tor kor yan”, which meant too many helping hands than was needed) and I was one of those extra “backsides”, I decided to fish out my camera and do a bit of photo taking.

Photos of the students attending to the task

The Madame President of Kechara House (the classy dame holding the long string of pearls) happily helping and supervising the task at hand.

The pretty lady in pink (whom I always thot that Datuk Michelle Yeoh looks like her)is the chairperson in-charge of the renovation of KH2

2 of my favorite people at the centre, the one on the left is my "Buddy" :)

I could not stay for the task to be finished as I had to send people back from the centre as it was getting late (11pm plus), I did not get to see Lord Setrap without his full regalia.

That was Monday. On Wednesday, I went to the Kechara House for prayers in the evening and I was wondering whether they had shifted Lord Setrap over to the new venue. I could not find him anywhere, so I asked my “Buddy”. She pointed respectfully to this golden statue, which I have given a cursory glance a few times over, without noticing that it was Lord Setrap. Geez, without his full regalia, he looked tinier and less wrathful. See for your self the difference. So, not only do clothes maketh men, it makes the deities too (Kaboom… one cudgel blow on my head.. Ouch!)

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