Friday, September 7, 2007

Face Reading (2) - Map of the Face

Face reading is an extremely interesting skill to enable us to recognize certain personality traits of a person. At the same time, we could also use the face to determine what luck period we are currently enjoying. Do you know that our face holds the 100 year positions of our life? Yeah, the skeptics will say that we are never going to live to a 100 but like I say, it is only a map. If I gave you the world map, would that mean you will travel to every country in the world?

To summarize, I have grouped the various ages for easy referencing.

Ages 1 – 14:The luck of a person at these ages are seen at the ears. If the ears are deformed, then it is highly likely that the parents are not well off. At this young age, the livelihood of a person depends on his parents. If a person’s ears are neatly position, almost aligned to the head (i.e. not sticking out like a radar dish), well form, then most likely his young life has been good, sufficiently comfortable with money, wealth and education being taken care off by his family.

Ages 15 – 30: The area that we are looking at is above the eyebrows, i.e. the entire forehead region. A badly formed forehead denotes lots of negative luck and obstacles at this age. How do we define a badly formed forehead? A forehead with bumps, indentations, is boney, scarred, low-set or narrow. A good forehead is one which is smooth, free of blemishes and high. A good forehead means success in school, highly intelligent and will have a good head start in his career.

Ages 31 – 50: This includes the eyebrows, the eye area, nose and cheeks. Eyebrows should not be broken, or too sparse or too thick. Weak eyebrows indicate challenging times vs. elegant eyebrows shows good career and also good relationship with siblings. Eyebrows which are too thin show a very fussy and picky person. An eyebrow which grows in all directions shows a very confused person. Ages 31 to 34 is reflected in the eyebrows. Ages 35 to 40 is determined by the eyes. Eyes which are clear, bright shows auspicious times of a person’s life. Eyes which are of different size shows fluctuation luck and relationship changes. Ages 41 to 50 are determined by the nose and cheeks areas.

Ages 51 – 70: This age group starts from below the tip of the nose to the chin. This will include the mouth and the philtrum (the gap between the nose and the mouth). Broad, fleshy and round chins are better than sharp, pointy ones. Broad fleshy and round chins indicates prosperity at old age. Sharp pointy ones often indicate loneliness during old age.

Ages 71 – 100: These ages start from the chin going around the circumference of the face.

There are lots of things we can start to read once we have identified the particular age period the person is going true. I have been trying to think of ways of giving better graphics. Some one recommended Photoshop. Any suggestions for a tool that I can use to draw better pictures? My next post should be on the various “palaces” on the face. Watch this space :)


chenboon said...

anyway to chg the Eyebrows?
if make up, will it take into consideration?

Unknown said...

If eyebrow is too thick, try plucking..but don't make it pencil thin.

chenboon said...

eh... if the shape is not clear?

Unknown said...

It helps to have visuals of the eyebrows. I am still looking for free tool to put in pictures so that i can be more descriptive and helpful. Then I can show more examples. Please bear with me Chenboon. Thanks.