Friday, August 24, 2007

Male Belly Dancers

Wow... girls and guys ...turn to page M45 of The Star daily and you will see an eye candy in the form of a male belly dancer. He is hot and he is sexy. You can only view the picture on the "hardcopy" version of the paper and not on the net version since he was just the act the restaurant hired for their opening. Tried to surf the web to find an equivalent version of that great looking dancer but sigh.. tough luck. Nothing comes close. Can anybody tell me who that hunk is?

(double sigh...) Could not even find a decent picture of a male belly dancer to publish. So, wondering how successful male belly dancing is? Upon checking at Wiki, I found that it there was much debate on male belly dancers. Apparently lots of people believed that men have no place in that art form... haha.. so, there is sexual inequality towards the male gender in certain art forms eh?

However, dancers such as Morocco (Carolina Varga-Dinicu), Tariq Sultan, and Jasmin Jahal have produced ample evidence to the contrary.

Women belly dancing costumes are normally made up of a coin decorated bra, face veil, and beaded hip belt over skirt.

How about the male? The male belly dancer in the Star was dressed in a shinny silver coins decorated speedo and some arm band also made of silver coins. And that was it. Maybe that was not the standard costume coz I could not find a similar costumed male belly dancer on the net. They were mostly attired in short vests and harem pants... mmm..nothing as fetching as the speedo costumer.

There were plenty of male belly dancer vids on YouTube and I quite like this one.

If that was not enough, have another go at this one...

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