Friday, August 17, 2007

Face Reading (1) - Judge Not a Book by its Cover

The truth is that we do judge people by their appearances all the time.

Wow, she is so she must be an easy lay

My Boss looks ugly and mean.. has to be a witch and a bitch.

He looks shady… better not trust him and what he is selling

My Chinese Metaphysics Master tells me “Do not read a person’s face just so that you may judge him. Do it to understand him.”

My Guru/Lama tells me “Do not practice dualistic views. Do not look at a person’s face and label him.”

I am trying, really. So I have this mantra which I utter “I shall read a person’s face to understand him and not to have dualistic views about him.”

I also know that both of them are as likely to read this blog as it is for pigs to, I shall dare have a bit of fun with my face reading studies and research here. By sharing, I know I will remember more and understand better.

Face reading is a form of physiognomy which is included in the Chinese 5 Arts. But I have also known that Hippocrates and Aristotle have also written about this under their collections of scientific researches. One can read a person’s characteristics, destiny, fortune and luck from a human’s face. The study is very interesting and fun but it is really just an indication. Never get fixated about facial readings. Some cultures believe that facial appearances are initiated from the “heart” and changes with the “heart”. Heart here refers to our mind and our thought processes. Hence, a person’s thoughts will be reflected in his characteristics, behavior, actions and face. It is obvious that when a person is happy, everything about his face is bright and happy and vice versa.

For me, face reading is mostly about having fun and having something to talk about at gatherings with friends. But since I am also a student of Chinese Destiny Analysis, I mostly use it to reinforce my analysis.

When we study faces, we look at scars, moles, marks, bumps and dents on the face plus the ears as well. A person’s face tells the entire story of his life and I think to share this will take many moons to come. But like I say, I would like to share it here and for those who would like to have fun… do keep checking in…but just do it for a laugh, to pick up guys or girls or both whatever … but don’t do it to judge and do not be so fixated with it that you want to severe all relationships with people whom you think are no longer trustworthy… remember.. the heart changes the face which sometimes plastic surgery cannot.

Fun Tips

1) A person who has potential relationship problems
Dark patches on his temples, near the corners of his temples, sunken temples and a bump on the bridge of his nose.

2) A person who is not able to keep secrets
Horse-like smile where lots of gums are shown when he smiles. Worse if he has large eyes.

3) A person who is flirtatious
Watery eyes with fish tails/laughter lines forming at the end corner of the eyes. Has thicker lower lip than upper lip

Plenty more where that came from …. :P


chenboon said...

Hope to read more about this.
Can i send u my photo? ha ha~

Unknown said...

hi Chenboon. txn for your comment. Sure, if you are open to what I am going to tell you.. haha..

chenboon said...

no problem... but, will u tell me how to chg luck as well?

Unknown said...

Oh yes, one can maximize their good luck and try to lie low during bad luck periods

Aletta D'cruz said...

Hi..face reading interests me a lot! i do have fun analysing ppl..........can i send u a pic too..........i wud luv to have sumone analyse me!!!!