Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Batu Ajaib answered my question...

Notice the Poll added to the left bar of the page. Well, I was a little bit dry on ideas last week. So I decided to seek advice from Batu Ajaib. Wrote in last week and forgot about it after my break away from the office.

Today, after having cleared up the bulk of the back log in my work, decided to check out all those RSS feeds I've subscribed to and found that Batu Ajaib replied...

This was my question....

Q: How do I come up with new stuff to blog about every day? Some days I am as dry as trying to squeeze water out of a batu :(

The Batu Ajaib:

You can come up with new stuff to blog about everyday by knowing your audience. For instance, if your audience is mainly horny Ah Bengs, then write about things that will interest horny Ah Bengs. Keep updated with Ah Beng culture by reading Ah Beng blogs and websites. Speak with Ah Bengs to get their views.

So, this explains the poll I have decided to insert into my blog. So....please help by completing the poll ya.

By the way, if you want to seek advice from Batu Ajaib (Magic Rock), write to The Batu Ajaib Speaks.

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