Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Parking Summons

Was late in coming to work today coz I decided to better clear my parking summons before.... I don't know? What will they do to you if you do not pay up?? I heard from a friend that "Yeah! Know what they'll do? They'll give you a discount".. Sure or not? Got this one on the 29th June out of sure stupidity. Have been parking in that area near SunwayMas Commercial Centre and never have I paid any parking fees before. Of coz lah..each time I was there was in the evening. But on the 29th, which was my day off from work, I happened to wonder over there in the afternoon and very confidently went to do my errands without a thought about the parking fee...where got free things in life one...stupid stupid me.

Oh well, I still got a fantastic discount when I went in to pay..even though it is already almost 1 1/2 months from the time I got the ticket. From RM100, the nice lady at MPPJ (Petaling Jaya Municipal Council) just took one look at me and said "tiga puluh ringgit - 30 buckeroos"... I uttered "Terima Kasih" but what I wanted to say was that "Thank you soooo very much and I worship the ground you walk on...for today".

The other parking summons was cleared by Jean, MyRandomThought's sister and if you are reading this... thank you very much Jean. Lunch on me. The summons was reduced from RM80 to RM40. Haha.. we can eat up to RM40? Would it cover the banana leave lunch I have in mind :P

At least got that pesky things of my mind.. finally. Now to get on with life :)


Babe_KL said...

municipal council parking summon so much one ka??? dbkl rm30 only i think kekeke

Dc said...

dbkl need to pay one meh? i usually err, 'ter' lost my tickets :P