Thursday, August 30, 2007

Bread for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

I absolutely love the smell of fresh bread and I could easily settle with a bread basket and the dessert fare without the main course anytime. I have been thinking every day of a bread machine every since the topic was raised by my friend during a lunch outing.

I have tried checking out the bread machines at Harvey Norman, Best Denki and a few other places. Either they don't carry bread machines or the price is no less than RM450 for their cheaper models .. wow. Why so expensive wor?

Surfed around on the net and found a few brands of Bread Machines. Some would probably cost a lot more than others and I believe that some may not even be available here.

Breadman - Salton

Cuisinart Convection Breadmaker

Panasonic Yeast Pro Automatic Breadmaker

Breadman TR-4000

After going through them, I decided that I should check through the Rewards Redemption from my Credit Cards and guess what..... Eureka.... I found one that offers the Princess Breakmaker. Without second thoughts, I called up the Credit Card Centre and redeemed every last point I had. I am now counting the days until my dream machine arrives.

Princess Breadmaker 1935 600W 230V, fully automatic bread maker 700 1000g capacity (Picture borrowed from shw.fotopages as the Princess Website seems to be down.


Babe_KL said...

i shall wait for yr first loaf of bread outta yr princess hehehe

Dc said...

Remember Us, Remember to feed us :P

Unknown said...

Babe, I think it will arrive by end of Sept and I will let you know if I am the baker that I hope to be.

B@m..thinking about buying insurance first before you offer to test the bread haha

Dc said...

nevermind don't worry i'm a very willing guineapig ^^

Unknown said...

Alright b@m... so long as you promise not to sue me for attempting to put you down later ;)

Simonne said...

have your try using your breadmaker?
Wanna ask how do u put in your ingredient ?
Is there rules which one to put in first ?
Can share recipe?I got the same breadmaker !