Thursday, August 16, 2007

Money Tree

Hrrummpp.... I really didn't want to speak to her when she called just now. Who is she? She is the facial lady from UI (you guess lah) at Mid Valley. I went for my facial last Sunday and as usual, whilst I was trying to enjoy my facial, she would yak non-stop about the latest promotion they were running and how terribly "under-nourish" my face was. This happens each time I went and the last couple of times, she tried to sell me some whitening treatment, mud peel, upgrade my existing package, almost everything in the shop. This time was no different from the last. On and on, the droning sound of her voice so I faked a snore. She even made me open my eyes to have a good look at the latest products she wanted me to try.

When my session finally ended, she took me to the front desk and ask me if I wanted to upgrade my balance of the facials sessions to this new promotion package. All I needed to do was to top up another RM1,588. I told her politely, no thank you. I'd rather stick to the existing package. Wah.. repeated the entire cycle of the plus points of the new package. Stopped her by telling her politely again .. No thank you. Can we just arrange for my next appointment?

Then her tone of voice changed and even her facial expression changed too. She asked "What actually is your problem.... for not upgrading to the new package". Her eyes were shooting daggers now. Wah liow.. cannot tahan already. So, I was also not too polite this time to her "I am not going to upgrade and take add another 3 more sessions to my existing 5. I am trying to finish the balance of my package as soon as possible... coz.. I really don't like coming here anymore. Each time I come in, you try to get me to buy some new products or upgrade to some new package. You think I am some water fish (sucker) for you to sponge money off? You think I am a Money Tree?". With that, I said "Thank you" and left without making my next appointment.

So, she called just now to ask me when I would like to have my next facial appointment. Ya, this BITCH will be going for the next appointment on 2nd Sunday of September!

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Dc said...

lol good one, but if it was me, i will just say 'not interested' thanks.