Friday, August 24, 2007

It's Raining Men... Helleluyah...

RandomThoughts came into my work place this morning to check out the window. Muttered something about parachutes but I was busy doing something for the Boss. So, did not really put too much thought into it.

About an hour or so after that, I heard sirens blaring and out of sheer KPC-ness (curiousity) decided to have a look out of the window.

Helleluyah.. It's Raining Men..

They were all at the ledge, awaiting for the moment to take off

The take off

I think they must be the base jumpers. This must be the Kuala Lumpur Tower International Jump 2007 Merdeka circuit thingy. I read that there is a total of 19 BASE jumpers who would be involved in the jump.

The siren was caused by the fire truck. One of the jumpers landed up a tree and if not for the fire truck, I would have happily gone home to bring my ladder to save the ... what's the opposite of damsel?? .. in distress (smirk!)


Joyce Wong said...

Aiyo.. I missed the good show.. Getting stuck in the tree is next best to the chute not opening. Then the fireman will have to flip a flat pancake.

Unknown said...

Haha.. apparently there were more heart stopping moments must have broke something coz an ambulance came, 2 collided against each other and more than one slammed agains the wall of the tower..ouch!

Dc said...

haha joyce i got some videos in my blog, go view them, although 10 second videos, hahaha