Thursday, August 9, 2007

Can you be friends after a breakup?

I was browsing through one of those girl magazines last nite and saw this line in one of the articles… can you be friends after a breakup. Is it possible because you are both matured people or are the wounds too deep?

Well, I suppose there are those of us who are able to part as friends after the end of a relationship. I know of this cool couple who remained great friends after their divorce. They still attend family gatherings, friends’ birthdays or weddings together. They may not arrive there together but there were obviously no awkward moments for these two.

In my case I have a very strange situation. It was not even a breakup or near a breakup. There was this guy colleague, whom I will call C. During the time he was with my company, he has being one of my squash kaki (mate) and golf mate. He has even gone on various trips with me and my colleagues. However, the strangest thing happened. After a few years with the company, he left for another company.

I did keep in contact for the first year or so. Subsequently, there was very little communication between us. Few years later, found out that his dad passed away, followed by his mum and the year after that, he got married. Tried to call him but kept getting voice mails. Thought perhaps he has changed his number. Later through chatting with the rest of the colleagues, I found out that some of them have meet him by accident a few times but each time, he will pretend that he does not know them. I have not had the chance to “bump” into him so far, so I wouldn’t know.

But just last week, a colleague and I were going for lunch at the McD near our office. Being quite the unobservant me, I didn’t notice anything until my colleague quickly pulled me aside and asked “Hey, isn’t that C? He saw me looking at him but he didn’t acknowledge me or say hello!”. So, I looked and saw the back of C going up the escalator. No.. No.. in fact, he was rushing up the escalator, taking it 2 steps at a time, almost shoving aside the people already standing on the escalator.

Mmm…what do you make of that? I am not sure but don’t you think it is strange? Would like to receive comments on this as this is really a mystery to us…. Haha.


Fishman said...

Very strange indeed. The reasons I could think of were:
- he did something very embarrassing in the company that forced him to leave
- he did something illegal (that may not have been found out yet) in the company when he left
- working in the company was the worse experience in his life that he just wanted to totally forget about
- he does not want to talk about his current situation as meeting up old "friends" will prompt all these questions

Unknown said...

Yes..i think you are right there in all counts. He probably did a no no before he left, then he is embarassed now and wants to forget the whole thing. When he sees us, he pretends that part of his life never existed... You are soooo smart.. No wonder you are my friend.. I like to hang out with smart people heehee..btw.. Have a wonderful trip to Singapore Fishman :D