Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Going for Frogs but waylaid by W(B)itches!

Last nite I went out to treat myself to a Frogway musical. A little damper at the first half of the nite and it had nothing to do with the musical. It was caused by 2 very rude girls who took our seats.

The slowpoke (well known for his consistent tardiness) was having the tickets (since he is one of those BC judges) and because of this, two of our seats were taken by two girls. As we were late, we had no choice but to scoot to the far end of the row and since it was a packed nite, we ended up seated on normal chairs instead of the theatre style seats. I didn't enjoy the first part of the act as I was fuming mad and coupled with the fact that I could not really see well past the side stage props.

After intermission, I virtually ran in to take my seat and sure enough, the 2 girls came in and accussed me of sitting at one of their seats. She was trying not to let me see her seat number but I saw it. It clearly showed F35 whilst mine was F29. I told her that she should go back to her allotted seat. But she was rather insistent by saying that she was seated at F29 during first act. Luckily 3 girls (strangers seated next to me F30, 31 and 32) came in and told these 2 to shut up and just return to their own seats. I think they helped me coz those 2 were about to sit on their seats. No choice, they had to move back to their seats but looking rather pissed. Too bad. So I sat down and tried to enjoy the 2nd part of the show but was a bit difficult. Still annoyed coz I could only see half the show in comfort after having paid RM70 (luckily discounted).

Nevertheless, my friends enjoyed the musical. Vince (Eddy the Frog) was fantastic, with his good voice and his natural acting ability. I personally loved the voice of Helen (Ina Fabregas) the Fish.. the love interest of Eddy the Frog. The storyline is highly simplistic but entertaining. There was nothing to bring the house down.

Took this storyline from their website.

"Eddy, a singing frog, is rejected by his pond community because frogs aren't supposed to sing! He leaves the pond, and the love of his life, to seek his fame and fortune downriver at the Swamp. Here Eddy's singing talent propels him to stardom with the help of two cunning agents, a Snake and a Stork. He reaches the top of the entertainment world when he gets to perform on 'Frogway'.

But fame, fortune and riotous living take their toll on our star. Blinded by pride and rejection, he turns to the dark side and dumps his best friend Freddy the Toad. To his horror, Eddy stumbles upon a dastardly plot by his agents to rob him of his fortune before killing and EATING him.

Will melon seeds save the day? Will Eddy be reunited with the love of his life? Find out this August, in FROGWAY!"

Looking forward to a better time with "Tunku the Musical" this Friday and the one holding the tickets had better not be late or growl....


Dc said...

i hate these kinds of idiots.

anyhow i went to the japanese film festival last weekend and there was a very old 'ah pak' who is damn patriotic to the japanese, keep yelling out stupid sentances in the cinema, also blardy annoying, until someone went to call the cinema staff to come in to keep him quiet.

The cinema staff sat the whole second half of the show with the ah pak just to make him keep quiet.

Unknown said...

Hey, I went for the japanese film festival too. The ah pak seems rather an interesting watch too... too bad I missed him heehee