Friday, August 10, 2007

What is inside a woman’s handbag?

Ha Ha.. wouldn’t a guy like to know or he doesn’t really care. But I think the guy I dropped my bag on this morning would probably like to find out.

I was buying breakfast this morning at the stall along the street and whilst getting my money out, I accidentally dropped my handbag on this guy’s feet. “Thud” followed by an “Oww”. So I said sorry and saw him rubbing his shin.

I have had back problems before in the past and it was from carrying a handbag that weighed about 3kg. How did I know it was 3kg? Went to see the doctor and she asked me to weigh myself at her office, first without carrying my handbag and with my handbag. Come to think of it, my friends did often wonder what the heck I have in it.

So, this morning I decided to empty out my handbag and all I had was ….

My purse, my loyalty card special holder (the lilac colored mini wallet thingy), my diary organizer, my cheque book and bank books and my specs case…..

My car keys, house keys, office keys, thumb drive, tissue, ricola sweets, lip balm and lip stick and some meds coz I am still having the (ack… ack) cough…. And loose change in all compartments inside the bag.

See, I am definitely not carrying bricks… and neither do I have the kitchen sink in there?? So, what made up all that weight?

But whatever….so sorry to the guy I nearly maimed this morning… will take out the meds by next week so that bag will weigh lighter :D


Rauff said...

Wah so many meds~! Like junkie lei~!

Unknown said...

Haha.. yeah lor... that's why even blog also need PG

Babe_KL said...

wahhh yr lilac card holder so thick!!!! must be that lah hahaha weighing you down, at least you don't have umbrella + novel + cables like i have in my bag :D

Unknown said...

heehee..babe, you forgot the tupperware that you carry containing all those yummy cakes leh..