Friday, December 21, 2007

Sometimes .... lack of equipment may be the cause....

Do you remember those horrible looking muffins I did some time back? I was thinking.. was I that lousy a baker or was it the oven? I was discussing this with a girlfriend Siva a couple of weeks ago. She was saying that she does not have an oven at home and asked me for my opinion on what oven would I recommend to her.

I told her that for people like me, all I had was an el-cheepo type oven which costs no more than RM200... no fan, just heating elements. But the turnout could be like these...

So, yesterday, I decided to test my theory that sometimes an oven does maketh great cookies, muffins and cakes. I decided to try to make muffins again but this time with a slightly more expensive oven...the RM400 plus one which comes with a fan. The result was this. It is a little better than the previous batch...mmm...still far far from how a good muffin should look like....could it be due to the baker (mua)?

Didn't help even when I took a picture of the muffins under a different light haha

I see all those lovely cookies and cakes done by babe_kl. I know she is a very good baker and cook and she does have better equipment to work with. Mmm maybe one day I can get babe-kl to invite me to her place to use her kitchen. Then once and for all.. I will know what category of a baker I am :p

pssssstt... I want to claim to be able to make muffins like these lah... :)

from babe_kl's blog

Or these type of muffins from


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kljs said...

Yummmy..... can I have one?

Unknown said...

haha... come over to collect lah :D

Babe_KL said...

just come over anytime before i start work, i can tell u its the equipment and not the cook! hehehe... wish you and family a blessed Christmas!

Unknown said...

oh thank u very muchie babe...i hope you are right about this cook wor.. i have my doubts :p

JJ Jason said...

looks so yummy!

Unknown said...

har har.. i am sure jjzai was referring to the last 2 photos :)