Thursday, December 13, 2007

Earning extra money to help with the rent

I was at Kechara Arts Department last night to help out as a volunteer and was chatting with the Presidents of the Department. We were throwing around ideas on how and what we can do to collect some funds to help with the rent and the maintenance of the Department. It was almost midnight when I left but I could not help thinking that there must be some projects that we can do which can help generate funds for the running and operating costs of Kechara Arts Department. At the moment, all who are “working” at Kechara Arts Department are not receiving any stipends. Everyone there is a volunteer. The running costs will mainly be for utilities such as rental electricity and water. But with the recent launching of the Department, the books are now in a very cheery X’massy RED but that is to be expected.

There are quite a lot of suggestions that I found online and some included: -

1. Having a garage sale. This is actually quite a good idea. We can make request for people to donate items like books, CDs, unused sports or electronic equipment, novelty items. Clothing can an item too but I would rather not. I have know many people who dump even their “holiest” under garments to charity organizations in the name of being charitable.

2. Selling items on the internet. Being an Arts Department, we could sell t-shirts, trinkets and lots of stuff on-line.

3. Have a bake-sale. As the festive seasons of Christmas and New Year are just round the corner, we could organized for people to bake cakes and cookies, or kuehs or sponsor Secret Recipe Cakes (I’ll be first in line to buy). These can be packaged and sold in nice jars or boxes.

4. Organize a car wash.. have guys go topless and wearing skimpy shorts… nah.. that might not work..haha… then again maybe it might.. depends on who is in the skimpy shorts I reckon.

5. Organize mini-classes for children and young adults (or older adults who are forever young at heart) for :-

a. Press Flowers
b. Candle Making
c. Plaster painting
d. Holiday Greeting Cards
e. Pasta Jewelry
f. Etc etc

I am having brain constipation at the moment. Cannot think of anything else. If anyone can help with any ideas, do let me know. And no suggestion is too wild or ridiculous. For all we know… it might lead to something bigger… something that I might leave my day job for. Thanks in advance 

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Anonymous said...

If you have a garage sale pls let me know. I will be doing some spring cleaning and there will be books and stuff I can donate.
If you having a car wash... i will bring my car. BUT I WANT THAT GUY WEARING THAT WASHING MY CAR.

Unknown said...

hey.. great.. thanks a lot. If I do find the guy, I'll make sure you are first in line heehee

kljs said...

You go help those guys with the skimpy shorts lar... sure got people going to let their cars get wash! ;0

Unknown said...

kljs, do I hear you volunteering? wow.. if you are.. then thank you very much wor...skimpy shorts or not..I will welcome you with open arms :D

kljs said...