Monday, December 3, 2007

Keenu & Stripey - my little gliders

Keenu and Stripey are my sugar gliders... actually, I share them with my friend MH coz he helps me take care of them, like cut their nails and feed them live crickets and mealworms (yeeech).

Anyway, let me introduce Keenu and Stripey to everybody. They are sugar gliders. Sugar gliders are nocturnal animals (sleeps in the day and plays, feeds and do most of everything else in the nite) and they belong to the category of marsupials (carries their young in their pouch).

Keenu (the male) is a fully grown adult male and he is more than 3 years old and I have just adopted Stripey (female) from a friend. She is only about 4 months old, a baby. She is still adjusting to the new environment and the new owner (her previous owner is a little 6 year old boy).

Little Stripey is a rather brave little girl glider coz after the 2nd day with me, she is no longer "crabbing". It is a sound that sugar gliders make when they are unhappy. She feeds on apples and a dried honey mixture. She loves grapes but my friend adviced that I should only give it to her sparingly.

This is Keenu when I first got him in Sept 2004.

Of all the other sugargliders that I have known (I have a few friends who also keeps sugar gliders as pets), Keenu is the gentlest and most well behaved glider of all. He is a lovely little fella and I have tried to breed him with some of my friends' girl gliders, but no success (as yet). Maybe when Stripey grows up, she can be Keenu's little love bunny :).

This is Keenu today and living in his brand new cage which I got from Pet Safari. When he first moved in, he was so curious and at the same time apprehensive as there were new toys in there that he has never seen before. I think he quite like his new cage.

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kljs said...

cute! how long did you keep it already?

Unknown said...

I have had Keenu since Sept that makes it more than 3 years. I only had Stripey a month ago :)

Anonymous said...

I love what you have done with Keenu's cage. I'm about to adopt 3 male sugar gliders and I am still designing their cage. I want to have it perfect before I bring them into their new home. Your cage is absolutely beautiful. Please you must tell me where you bought everything in the cage. E.G. the leaves, rope, and especially the nesting place. Ever since I saw a picture of your cage a few days ago I have been looking everywhere for that stuff and I have come to an utter fail. Here is a link to what my cage looks like. It is empty and I want it to be absolutely beautiful like yours. Keenu looks so comfortable in his cage! (I will check back to look for your response.) I'm going to stay anonymous but my internet sig-sign is this---> =3

Anonymous said...

Thats a real tiny cafe for a glider! They should have a least two times bigger cage!

Anonymous said...

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