Friday, December 14, 2007

Why do you look like a Geek?

Why is it that when you attempt to take your own photo, either with a camera or a camera phone, you always turned out looking like a Geek.. or looking slightly better than Goofy? I asked my friend this question yesterday and the blardy idiot replied "Hey.. you look goofy what..even if you get the best photographer to take a shot of you". SMACK!

Honestly. I must admit the photo is much better (ok lah.. in my case.. slightly better) when someone else takes the photo. But I managed to solve the problem when I realized that if you had those 3G phones and you opt to use the secondary camera, at least you can position yourself a bit better before taking the shot. However, I think the pixel for the secondary camera is much much lower.. perhaps even in the range of 0.03 mega pixel or something like that..(actually I have no idea..just guessing).

So, when one of the HH (shhhhh.. HeadHunters) called the other day for me to send in a photo of myself, I decided to take a photo of myself ... by myself. Sent the photo over to him via MMS. 5 minutes later...he replied "Hey.. stop goofing around. This picture of Frankenstein's sister is you meh?"...:(

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twosuperheroes said...

well, we always have adobe photoshop what?? Heheh..touch up touch up a little, and voila! Angelina Jolie. :p

Unknown said...

oh..i dun have adobe photoshop wor..and i want to look like Catherine Zeta Jones...sshhh..tonite I go and see if friends got or not heehee

kljs said...

lol..... Goofy is a geek?

Unknown said...

One dictionary defined a geek as "A person regarded as foolish, inept, or clumsy".. haha..Goofy is definitely clumsy :)