Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Alien vs Predator 2

Alien vs Predator sorry folks.. I am not doing a review or a writeup about the sequel.. in fact...I have just feasted on my yummy breakfast which was inside this box. Thanks to JW, I had fusion food for breakfast this morning... a sweet potato (from Mr Sweet Potato at MidValley) and 2 lovely doughnuts from Big Apple Donuts&Coffee. I am going to miss the doughnuts...opps.. I mean JW when she leaves the company (sob).




It was a totally awesome and delicious breakfast...burrrpp!.. So, what's for lunch? :p

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kljs said...

Wah, got sweet potato some more! Nice looking donuts!

can I have some?

Unknown said...

oh yes.. i love sweet potatoes..yummy.. btw.. do you have Big Apple up in Penang?