Friday, December 21, 2007

A Homemade Lunch

I so wanted to go shopping yesterday but since it was a holiday.. woke up rather late.. and by the time i did the morning prayers plus a bit a house chores, it was almost noon. Decided not to go out just yet. I was imagining the long line of cars trying to get into the various shopping malls.

Anyway, I opened up the fridge to see what there was in there. Saw some steaks that was going to expire by this weekend. Took 2 pieces out and some broccoli out from the fridge, a can of Campbell's soup from the larder and some potatoes.

Before I started cooking, I went and googled the web for some brown sauce recipe. Found one for the Basic Brown Sauce and the other under Chinese Brown Sauce.

Mmm.. they both sounded a little complicated... so I cheated. I made sure that when I pan fried the steak, I kept most of the juice from the steak. After they were done, I just added water, soya sauce, sugar and flour to make the gravy. Heehee..ok lah.. not the real stuff but I think good enough for home-cooked food.

This is the nice yummy Campbell Soup

The 2 pieces of steak with broccoli and potatoes

I did this up as a dish for vegetarians...mashed eggs, broccoli, potatoes and toasts.

Bon appetite :)

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Supergirlfriend said...

Wow, yozoranitesky...your home made steak looks so yummy! As good as those in restaurants!! You're such a good cook eh... :)

Unknown said...

heehee..i bet you can cook even better supergirlfriend..with super powers super power so...the soup is from the tin and the steak just fried...and the sauce..cheated..

kljs said...

You started without inviting me? I want!!!!!

Unknown said...

kljs... how to send up leh... you have to come collect it lor :D

kljs said...

Too far away probably......