Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Which is the real mcCoy?

I have 2 plates of Fish & Chips here and one of them was actually cooked by me. The other was actually an ordered meal from Kedai Makanan Yut Kee along Jalan Dang Wangi in Kuala Lumpur.

Yut Kee is a "lou chui pai" - old brand name. They have been in Kuala Lumpur for a very long time and I think some food bloggers would have done reviews on them. They are most famous for their breakfast of toasts and soft boiled eggs... way before the Uncle Lim Kopitiams and the rest of them came about. They are also well known for their yummy swiss rolls and butter marble cake.

Anyways, I was at Nuffnang's the other day to collect my "winnings"..oh thank you again Nuffnang and TGIF (kiss kiss) when I decided to just drop in to catch a quick lunch. I had the good old Fish&Chips (one of my fav) and a glass of chinese tea. It was quite tasty.. simple and homecooked feel. Somehow, that whetted my appetite for more. So, when i went home that evening, rummage the fridge and found some Pacific West Fish (drool). Cooked up a batch of these fishies and had myself a 2nd plate of Fish & Chips.

Now, for you to decide which is the real McCoy...and which is the one that came from my kitchen :)

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Horny Ang Moh said...

The top pic is home cook! Correct or not??
Have a nice day1

Unknown said...

hi hor ny ang moh.. top picture is from the shop :)

kljs said...

Fish and Chips in a Chinese kopitiam?

looks nice. Can I have some?

Anonymous said...

I would guess the top one came from the shop. I dont thinnk the Yut kee would put pasta and mushroom.
hehe.. can i live near you.. since you seem to be cooking such nice food.

Unknown said...

kljs : sure.. if you need directions to the shop.. just lemme know :)

trustno1 : i can only cook certain dishes but not everything turns out well...remember the disastrous muffins ;)

twosuperheroes said...

WAH..Y, you are making me envious for the second time in a row after those 'Famous Amos' cookies you'd baked! Yeah..could've guessed the top one is from the shop. I would guess home-cooked food to be more nicely cooked. Yours looked much better! :p

kljs said...

Sure, I probably will.... some day.....

Unknown said...

twosuperheroes : ahhh... you sure know how to make a girl's day seem so much brighter :D. thank you for the compliment yeah.

kljs : just let me know.. i might even take you there myself... if you are treating haha