Friday, December 7, 2007

When the HeadHunter comes a calling?

It would seem that many of my friends are also checking out Greener Pastures Sdn Bhd of late. Maybe the spate of resignations is contagious?? And several of my ex-colleagues who have left the company have joined organizations to assist people like us who are checking out Greener Pastures Sdn Bhd. These ex-colleagues have become HH - Head Hunters.

There was an article recently in the media which talked about the tips as to what to do when a HH comes a calling. This article was contributed by Seow Kiat Heng, a headhunter with Langshaw International Pte Ltd.


Ask to meet the headhunter in person. You want to make sure that his image is consistent with the type of person you want to associate with.

If your headhunter looks polished and professional, this association can work to your advantage. On the other hand, if your headhunter has an unprofessional image, such as not being appropriately attired, this does not reflect well on your judgment.

You want to work with a mature headhunter who has already climbed the corporate ladder. Apart from being in a position to advise his clients on whom to hire, he can also advise you on your next career move.

Select a headhunter who is hands-on as he will work with you at each step of the process.

He should spend time learning about your job history, relevant experience and career goals. He can help you present your resumé in the most accurate and effective manner.

He will follow up on submissions and keep you updated on the status. He can help you prepare for the interview and do a debrief with you afterwards, as well as assist you in negotiating your offer and other issues.


It is very natural to feel flattered when the headhunter calls. You feel that you are wanted and your skills, talents and experience are being sought after. There is also the prospect of getting a substantial increase in salary, meeting new people and taking on new challenges.

The headhunter wants to match your skills, talents and experience with the job profile his client has given him. He is paid by the client to find the best match. You can improve your career options by exploring various job opportunities with him.

Even if the current job offer is not a good match to your skills, talents and experience, you are on his radar. Should he get another assignment that matches your profile, he will contact you again because he gets paid when he successfully places you in a job.


After exploring the job offer with the headhunter, the next step you should take is to evaluate the push and pull factors.

Typically, the pull factors for you to join a new company are the motivators which the prospective employer can offer you. These can range from a more challenging job with more responsibilities, to increased prospects for advancement in your career.

The push factors for you to leave your current employer may be salary, status and work conditions which do not meet your expectations.

Before you come to a decision, you may want to consider and evaluate the following factors:

# company culture;
# relationship with supervisors and subordinates ;
# work conditions;
# salary and allowances;
# opportunities for personal growth;
# impact on personal life;
# job responsibilities; and
# likely career advancement path.

– Source: Straits Times/Asia News Network

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kljs said...

Getting a new job anytime soon?
I just started my new job last week too!

Unknown said...

Still looking out for opportunities kljs. Oh yeah.. I think I must have read about your new job on your blog :). So, how has it been the week past? Lots of new things to learn?

Supergirlfriend said...

Any luck on finding a new job, yozoranitesky?? Hope you'll get one that you really like okay..Hehe..It sure takes a lot of perseverance, effort and a little bit of luck to get the right job! Good luck ok? :p