Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Kechara Saraswati Arts - Official Opening

Kechara Saraswati Arts is on the 1st Floor, 19A, Jalan ss2/75 PJ

The Sunday just past was really a wonderful and auspicious day. It was the official opening day of Kechara Saraswati Arts (KSA). KSA was my gateway into the Buddhist spiritual world and there I met wonderful people like Wan, Joy, James, Justin, Maggie, Mitra, KB and Rajendra. These were the people who welcomed me into their folds without hesitation or so much as a "hang on... let me think about accepting you into our group".

I started with KSA, painting the golden bodies of the Buddhas and it was also there where I had the merits to first meet my beloved most precious Guru, H.E. Tsem Tulku Rinpoche. The first time we met, he loaded me with so many gifts that I was quite overwhelmed. I have never received so many gifts in one moment of time, not even during any of my many passed birthdays.

The female Buddha - Saraswati

Lord Tsongkapa

Over the 1 year, there were times when I would drop in to KSA just to visit but of late, as there were just too many things happening in my "worldly" world, my visits to KSA has dwindled to almost only one visit a month. But KSA is always in my heart and on my mind. KSA is really my bridge to my spiritual self.

James Long - President of KSA

Joy Kam - Vice President of KSA

Joy and James with Wan, the Advisor and Liaison of Outlets & Arts

Joy and Eric C

Paul Yap - Director of Kechara Discovery (official squatter at KSA.. haha..just joking)

Mitra wanting a photo with the President and Vice President... for rememberance

Volunteers busy preparing for the occassion

Students, Volunteers, Friends of Kechara

KSA has grown from a one room and one corridor squatting group to a one entire shop lot floor group. I am so very happy and I rejoice that KSA has moved on so well. Sunday, 2nd December 2007 was selected as an auspicious day for the official opening of KSA. I just had to be there to celebrate this happy occasion.

Friends from Bali, Singapore and Nepal... I think!

There were many who were there probably at the break of dawn to set up everything. I had house chores to do and (blush) I also went to wash and blow my hair... for this occasion and also for the wedding dinner that I was invited to attend the same night.
I arrived at 1:30pm and the entire place was already crowded. I was informed that Guru would be arriving at 3:30pm to bless the new place. Immediately I knew that the wedding dinner will have to be shelved. I will have to remember to pass the couple my angpow the next opportunity I get to see them. Felt sorry for not being able to inform them earlier, but receiving dharma from my Guru is more important than anything in this miserable life of mine.

Guru paying homage to the female Buddha Saraswati

Guru, H.E. Tsem Tulku Rinpoche

Guru, with all those who have toiled hard and long to make this opening day a success

Guru remembering the long journey KSA has taken to get where it is today.....

Guru arrived at about 3:30pm. He conducted prayers to bless the new place and he also blessed all of us who were present. He gave a dharma talk and he also recounted the journey of KSA from the days of conception until today. But the journey has not ended yet. There is still much to do. The main objective of KSA is to bring people into Dharma through their love and interests in the Arts. The many activities that Guru spoke of included painting of Buddha statues, of thangkas, bead work, mantra rolling, sewing of Tibetan robes for the Buddha statues. So many great things to look forward to. I have just committed myself to taking up "jaga" duties at KSA every Wednesday evening after work. If anyone would like to drop by to have a look at this brand new place, do come. I will be more than happy to take you through a short guided tour of the place. And you don't have to be a Buddhist to step in. It is open to all as it is meant to be an Art Gallery of sorts. Do come :)

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