Tuesday, December 11, 2007


The season of eating is definitely here. It has been wedding dinners back to back since the start of the month. Then followed by a birthday dinner last Thursday and the company dinner the day after. This Friday will be my first Christmas dinner for this year and of course, my dear friend Anna's wedding on Saturday.

I know for sure that this will be followed very closely by a "all-rolled-into-one" get-to-gather kinda dinner soon at JW's to celebrate her new place, her new job and a new year... wwwwwaaaaawwww. Our friend Mumsey already asked me what I was going to bring over to the gathering. For sure, I am not going to bring muffins buahaha. I was not going to try any fancy stuff either and get my knickers all twisted. So.. I told Mumsey that it will be a spaghetti sauce (either the cream of mushroom or the bolognese) with the spaghetti lah hehe.. coz the last time I only gave JW the sauce without the spaghetti, she didn't have any pasta in the house. Took her a whole week til she got some to eat the sauce with.

Now, I have to decide which sauce to cook...cream of mushroom is good for everybody, vegetarians and meat-eaters (suddenly thought of Harry Potter & the death-eaters...see how my mind shifts). The bolognese has beef in it.. so, no good for people who are vegetarians or who do not take beef for religious reasons... sigh.. decision .. decision...which one to cook leh...(hey...JW and Mumsey.. if you are reading this... I am NOT cooking both).

The cream of mushroom sauce


The bolognese sauce

Nevermind... when the day comes..what is left in the kitchen cabinet will decide what I'll cook to bring for JW's get-to-gather :p

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Joyce Wong said...

actually i would rather have both of them. but i think the white sauce will be nice. not that I dont eat beef or am a veggie person.

Unknown said...

ok.. the hostess gets to have a say to what the guest brings hehe :p

kljs said...

Both.... get both!!!! they look so yummy!!


Unknown said...

haha kljs..no can do.. can only choose one :)

Supergirlfriend said...

Cream of mushroom! I root for cream of mushroom! Hehe...I prefer the taste of it compared to the bolognese one...dunno why :p

twosuperheroes said...

Dunno abt Superhero W but Superhero S definitely prefers the creamy one...don't really like the tomato feel to the bolognese one.. :)

Unknown said...

okie dokie..supergirlfriend and superheroes have helped me make up my mind to go for the cream sauce.. muchos gracias super people... luv ya all :)