Thursday, December 13, 2007

What’s a Viewty?

I am still having that problem with my computer at the office. Somehow, it is not able to display the ads on my page or some of the other bloggers' pages too. However, I can view them perfectly from the computer at home. Anyway, a friend on MSN yesterday asked me, what is that Viewty thingy on your blog? Hmmm... I can't see nothing but a white patch on my blog where the ad is supposed to be sitting. Luckily I knew what she was asking coz another friend showed me the pamphlet the other day.

Viewty is actually a rather cool mobile phone from LG which did away with the physical alphanumeric keypad and replaced it with a large 3in 240 x 400pixel touch-sensitive screen, thus completely hiding any sign that it’s even a mobile phone when in digital camera mode. Looks rather impressive. In fact, there is a write-up of this phone in todays InTech.

This phone has a playback capability which allows it to play in slow motion. "This is great for analyzing your golf swing, ....."... Ha Ha.. I think this came 3 years too late.. I've already hung up my golf clubs.

I went to their website this morning to check out Viewty. Actually, it is rather impressive.. the camera bit. I might be tempted as I really need a good camera now that I have graduated from a "kindergarten" blogger to a "primary school level" blogger ;)

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kljs said...

Nice phone. I am planning to get a phone too, but planing to get one with GPS. ;)

Unknown said...

actually, I am also looking at the Nokias too.. but this one.. the camera features are very cool :)