Monday, December 17, 2007

It is snowing .... at the Curve...

I was at The Curve last night for dinner. There were so many people there and we wanted to eat at Sakae Sushi and the reason was not that it's sushi is more yummy than the other fast food sushi places but because we wanted to accumulate RM500 worth of receipts within 3 months to get the VIP card. And what do we get with the VIP card? To eat more sushi with a 10% discount....geez.. the things I do with some people :p.

Anyway, there was a long line outside Sakae Sushi. We were the 6th in line to go in...sure gave me a real Singapore type of feeling... In Singapore, your want to eat.. you gotta queue.

By the time we finished eating, we decided to go down to the flea market and suddenly there was this sound of cheering. Being the ever KPC, I quickly walked towards the crowd and that was when I saw it.... it was snowing.... at the Curve.. in the middle of a 27degrees celcius nite.

From afar, I could already see the kids and the young at heart really enjoying the falling "snow".. actually it was soapy foam pumped up from a mobile machine on the 1st floor. Some had their whole head completely covered by the foam. I guess when they got back, all they had to do was add water to their hair and they can do a quick shampoo already.

The atmosphere was really fantastic. I sure had a nice christmasy feel last night. Yes.. the season of christmas is really here at The Curve.

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Supergirlfriend said... sure looks really christmas-y there eh, yozoranitesky! Haha..those foam reminds me of a foam party I went before. Cool... :p

Unknown said...

oh yeah supergirlfriend .. it sure gives one a really good fuzzy feeling :D.. Merry Christmas in advance supergirlfriend..

Anonymous said...

was the sushi place expensive ? some ppl said so but some say no. But I like ordering. it is so cool.

I think the curve has the best deco.

Did you buy yr ikea bag

Unknown said...

i think it depends on what you order.. some of the items are cheaper but the portion is also tinier. Opps.. i actually forgot all about the ikea bag..nvm.. give me reason to go there again haha

twosuperheroes said...

Haven't been to the Curve lately...maybe this is a good time to go! Hehhe...We love the TGI there.. :p

Unknown said...

twosuperheroes... you must go..really shiok lah.. really feel the christmas mood there...but parking can be a bit of a headache :(

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas from Bengbeng and family :)

Unknown said...

Merry Christmas Bengbeng & family and everybody...:)