Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Pouch Bag....

Further to my previous blog on Snatch Thieves, I am still on the constant lookout for a bag of sorts that I will feel safe carrying.

I was out at lunch with a friend just now when I came across a little stall along the walkway which sold bags, purses and wallets. I asked the lady if there was anything that I could carry whereby I will feel safe from potential snatch thieves. The woman comment was that if one is already a target of the snatch thief, it would not matter what he or she is carrying, it will be snatched away. However, we should not make it too easy a target.

Hence, she recommended a waist pouch. I said "But I don't want to look like the auntie at the pasar malam wor!!". Opps.. did I un-knowingly insulted a lot of people... plus this particular sales she was also wearing a waist pouch :P.

I suppose it depends on the type of the waist pouch that one selects lor. If I chose the canvas or plastic kinds, then perhaps I would look like the pasar malam auntie.. especially in shorts, t-shirt, slippers and no makeup hahaha. The saleslady recommended this particular one to me.

The asking price was RM89. Told me that it was leather and it is very hardy and the strap is anti-slash. Mmm.. worth considering if it will afford me some little assurance that snatch thieves hardly target pouch bags carriers. Anyway, after a bit of haggling, I got the bag for RM62.

Mmm.. wonder if I will look okay in my work clothes and the pouch bag?

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Joyce Wong said...

I learned that they are called fanny bag. Why I dont know. Was watching something on E! and they had a whole show it. What is television coming to.

Unknown said...

Fanny bag = Arse bag?? haha.. must wear it and make sure it hangs near your arse :P

Fishman said...

Sorry to be a wet blanket here. My sister got her waist pouch snatched a few times already..yes.. A FEW TIMES!

Babe_KL said...

joyce, LOL!!!!

fishman, :O

btw, i overheard in the locker room, a lady managed to escaped the snatch thieves recently as she was using that anti-snatch thieves bag. she said the bag costed her around rm300++. the moment they grab her bag, the strap detatched itself from the bag. the bag part dropped onto the floor and the thieves got hold of the strap only!!! the next morning she went back there to look for her strap and found it! LOL

i saw these bags at a stall in plaza hartamas before but they're not permanent. i was a bit skeptical then but now as least i hv one reference that it actually worked. sad though cos the bags aint that attractive :p

Joyce Wong said...

hey.. go check it out in wikipedia. there is write-up about it being call a fanny bag.


You are right it call a fanny bag coz you wear it near your ass.

err.. actually in wikipedia and E! they say it not such a cool item to wear. I guess it is safety vs. fashion.

Dc said...

ehhh u not worried ke, these pouch bags makes it difficult to snatch, so they come and slash owner and take bag...even more dangerous le.

Unknown said...

Wah liow..looks like no bag is safe from those nasty snatch thieves. So how.. stick to Joyce's best solution.. wear tailor-made skirts where you can put your purse, keys and handphones in them. Any suggestion for a good tailor.. anyone??