Friday, November 9, 2007

Tsem Kacho Ling

Tomorrow is Saturday and as usual mum will call to ask me a few days before to find out what I would like to eat so that she can prepare great food for the family to enjoy. Saturday dinner is a time which we try to spend with mum, especially so since dad passed on in 2003. But this Saturday, I will be away and so, I told mum that.

Of course she had to know why and if my excuse was a valid one. Well, I am actually going to the Tsem Kacho Ling Retreat Centre Land Blessing Puja. Whatzat, she wanted to know.

It has always been my Guru H.E. Tsem Tulku Rinpoche's dream to set up a Retreat in Malaysia for the spread of Buddha Dharma here and after many years of hard work, praying, talking, planning, wishing and hoping we finally got our retreat land. It is 30 acres of land very nearby the city (convenient) of Kuala Lumpur. This dream has also become a reality from the kindness and generosity of many of his students, sponsors and friends. There will be series of prayers (pujas) that will be conducted to consecrate the land. The first of the series starts tomorrow.

The retreat shall be called TSEM KACHO LING where kacho means vajrayogini' s paradise and Ling means abode or Garden Dwelling. It will be a beautiful retreat centre.

My mum having heard this obviously got a bit concerned and flustered as she immediately warned me not to go loitering around the place alone, pick up stones or pluck leaves and if I really have to go to wee-wee, better politely ask for permission and all that stuff. I know where her concern comes from. Many a tale has been told about humans meeting up with jungle spirits and ending up either lost or sick. So, I assured mum that I am far from the hero stuff she thinks I am made of. I am the worst kind of coward there is on this planet, where ghosties and spirits are concerned. Anyway, I am going to stick within the 10 feet radius from my Guru and not going to let him out of my sight. I have heard and seen how effective he has been when dealing with these form of sentient beings :)

And coincidentally during my morning ritual of checking out all my favourite blog sites, I came across The Malaysian Life's blog on Forest Spirit vs Bomoh. He made reference to the article in The Star. Exactly the thing mum was talking about. How bbrrrr... coincidental...

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