Tuesday, November 13, 2007

It must be that time of the year again....

It is coming to year end and I do believe that if you are in Sales, it is that time of the year where the numbers have really gotta chalk up before the financial year end. Of late, I have been getting numerous phone calls from Insurance agents, Unit Trust agents, Holiday, Time-sharing resorts and you name it, they've probably called me.

Some of the telemarketeers who call are actually nice and polite but once in a while, you do chance upon a rude one or one who insists on speaking to you in their mother tongue, even though your respond is in English. Some will not even give you a chance to respond whilst there are one or two who can be downright impatient.

A friend once received a call from a telemarketeer pushing for a fitness centre and was rather persistent about it. As my friend was feeling kinda bored at that time, he decided to entertain her. Apparently the conversation went like this.

Telemarketeer : Good morning Sir.. are you a member of any Fitness Centre currently

Friend : No. I am not but I would like to consider it.

Telemarketeer : That is very good as I am going to offer you a membership at the ABC Fitness Centre. It has branches everywhere....yada yada yada.

Friend : (interrupts) Does the centre have any standby doctors or medical officers?

Telemarketeer : I am sorry Sir. The centre has personnel trained in First Aid. Is that an issue Sir?

Friend : I am a diabetic and I have high blood pressure. Not only that, I also go into epileptic fits ever so often. As long as I am assured that there will be people around to help me. By the way, do you have special equipments at the Centre?

Telemarketeer : (pause) What sort of equipment Sir are you referring to?

Friend : You see, I am an amputee?

Telemarketeer : What's that Sir?

Friend : Oh, you see, my diabetes caused me to have one of my legs surgically removed and I have also scheduled myself in for a surgery to remove my left hand as a result of gangrene.

Telemarketeer : Oh, I am so sorry to hear that. But I think there will be some equipment that you are still able to use at the centre.

Friend : Oh, that is wonderful Miss. One more thing Miss, will you be there to help me with my application form filling when I come in?

Telemarketeer : The centre personnel will be there to assist you when you drop in Sir. I am only the Telemarketeer Sir.

Friend : In that case, may I know your name Miss?

Telemarketeer : Why Sir?

Friend : I just want to thank you and let the Fitness Centre people know how great you are in convincing a blind 70 year old man, suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure, with one hand and one leg to join the centre. You are an excellent saleslady. I really think more people like me should join the Fitness Centre. I would like to make sure the Centre knows how good you are.

Telemarketeer : (clink)

Friend : Hello... Hello....

My friend Billy must have been also at a the receiving end of such a call to for he sent me this video...

Tom Mabe is one stand-up comedian who decided to play a prank on a telemarketer. View this for a good laugh ...

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Joyce Wong said...

Hahaha.. really funny la.
My cousin Patrick told us, one day someone called him to sell Unit Trust, he ask the guy back do you want to Insurance, then the guy said No. His answer was I dont want to buy Unit Trust either...
So just offer to sell the guy on the other line something else.

Unknown said...

Good idea hor.. Tit for Tat.. now why didn't I think of that :)

Helen said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. :-)

I don't know if I should be happy.. so many banks are calling me trying to push money into my hands. THey're asking me from applying another credit card to loans.

Haiyah, die likedat. Another card and loan think no need to pay back meh? *roll eyes*

Anonymous said...

Hi there. This post is really funny. I always get this kind of calls, but I've never thought about answering them that way. Interesting.

Unknown said...

helen : thanks for dropping in for a visit too. Yeah.. if only there was no repayments needed but we live in a real world sigh...

lovie : glad it made you laugh.. have a great week :)