Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Back to Macy....

Continuing from the previous post, after I left The Pet Safari, I went down to Macy to say hi to my favourite sales person from Macy... Mr Kalai (he is on the right, incase you are interested to know :) ). I realize that he was not only my favourite sales person as there were at least one couple who was waiting for him to serve them.

I was looking for another coffee table and finally decided on a short little bookshelf cum seat. Very useful piece of furniture and I decided not to use it as a seat for my own arse but to put photos of my precious Guru H.E. Tsem Tulku Rinpoche on it. All this while as I was ho humming and deciding on this purchase, the couple was very patiently waiting for Kalai to finish serving me before he could service them.... that goes to show how much patience one has when it is waiting for great service.

By the way, Macy's delivery personnel are also the best, compared to the delivery personnel from other places like Barang-Barang or even Ikea. They really give service beyond the call of duty. Don't believe me, ask JW or rather, read about them on her blog post.

Macy has won me as one of their life-time customers for sure, thanks to the excellent before and after sales service of their personnel. Keep up the high standards Macy...

PS.. if anyone from Macy is reading this blog... your DNS server is down today(Cannot find www.macyhomefurnishings.com)

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Joyce Wong said...

Kalia should get employee of the year award. I hope next month they will have a show cabinet and a TV table.. that what I want to buy

Unknown said...

oh i am sure they will have. in fact, they have sold some of their showroom sets too... so no choice but to get more new stuff in :)