Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Thanksgiving Dinner....Restaurant Country Kitchen

JW's dad has been unwell recently, to the extent that he had to be admitted into the hospital. Anyway, he is much better now and out of the hospital. So the family decided to have a Thanksgiving dinner for him last Sunday at the Restaurant Country Kitchen in PJ . JW, thanks for inviting me.

The food was very good, the company...well, lemme try to remember ... just kidding.. the company was excellent. I was seated at the table with a "long lost colleague", a master chef, a nice comical chap from 8TV, a wonderful family with 4 great daughters and a pampered doggie (only one of their girls got to come and definitely the doggie couldn't make it), Jean the lovely witty sister of JW, JW's mum and of coz the hostess, my friend, JW.

I was horrified when I turned up punctually at 7:30pm (that was what JW's sms read..dinner is at 7:30pm...)to find 5 tables of JW's friends and relatives all seated (luckily the food was not yet served... phew...else would have missed some). I found out that everybody else was told that dinner was at 7pm. Thanks JW.

Like I said, the company was good... but the food was even greater. We had the whole 10 course meal.. starting with the yummy 4 seasons, shark fin soup (sorry sharks and the environmentalists), a suckling pig (I felt almost sinful for eatting young baby animals... almost I said), sweet and sour garoupa, celery in cashew nuts, roasted chicken, kai lan vegetable, longevity noodles and to sweeten up the whole deal, lychee in jelly with shanghai pancakes.

How did I managed to remember all the dishes and the order that they were served? I took photos of them as they came.. so that I can look and salivate over them every now and then. Photos of the people at the dinner? Don't have any.. not interested in taking lah. JW has hired a professional photographer named Andrew Ku. He'll be publishing the photos at his blog soon... no sure how long you'll have to wait for them though...coz he is only 6 years old now :)

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Pumpkin said...


Can i know where is the place?

All the foods looks nice..Nyum Nyum..

Anyway, is this 'Halal' food?


Unknown said...

hi papahorny :). So nice of you to drop by.

This is located behind Pizza Hut near MPPJ. Only sad thing is that they are absolutely NON-Halal food.


Joyce Wong said...

My father did the invation and the table arrangement. and of course the ordering of the food.
He ALSO TOLD ME 7:30 pm. I was also quite shock when i walk in at 7:25 pm everybody was there.
I keep forgetting to bring the pics that Andrew take.

Unknown said...

Ha Ha.. so long as I arrived before the food...that is what matters :)

twosuperheroes said...

WOW...just look at all the food! Man! You make me so jealous of you..I haven't been eating a decent spread of Chinese cuisine in a long long time..! :p

Unknown said...

twosuperheroes, do not fear for the months of wedding dinners are already here. you will sure to kena the "red summons" and be sitting down for 8-course meals until your waistbands tells you to "Aiyoh.. stop eatting already" haha.