Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Strange looking pets

I have been looking around to getting a new “house” for my pet sugar glider Keenu for some time and as I happened to be around Ikano over the weekend, I decided to drop in at The Pet Safari to have a look. As I walked into Pet, I heard the voice of a woman squealing “Yikes… they are so repulsive”. That really perked up my curiosity as I knew that the voice came from the section where they house the fluffy rabbits. So, why should there be any repulsive pets housed in the rabbit section??

There were 3 ladies there and the one who did squealed was still telling her 2 friends that she would definitely not want to own such hideous looking pets. I could not quite see past these 3 ladies so I had no choice but to wait until they moved away.

Finally, they did so and when I turned to look into the glass case, I saw something that looked like a animal with a mutant bunny head (side profile but looks more like a mouse from the front) and body, crossed with feet that looked like a bird’s and a rather long tail with some fluff at the end. They are actually the size of a small bunny. I took a couple of shots of the 2 little animals for I have never seen them before.

The label read “Jerboa – RM250”. Geez.. the more I look at them, the cuter they looked. I would not go to the extent of calling them ugly or repellent. Yeah, takes a bit of getting used to as I could not really decide what category of animal it was.

Went home after that and did a bit of research on the Wikipedia and found out that they were actually classified under the Rodents family. I don’t think I will want to have them as pets coz I am really not a rodent type of person. Anyways, Keenu is more than enough for me. And I recently got a girl glider from my friend MK. Her name is Stripey and she is only about 3 months old. More about Keenu and Stripey once I get Keenu’s house assembled and ready for him to move in.

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Angie Tan said...


These little guys are cute despite being labeled as rodents. (^^)

Unknown said...

They are cute as long as they stay seated. When they get up, they really look strange with chicken legs on a mouse :p