Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Steamboat, Ketam Village

One day last week, at the spur of the moment, I decided to go to Ikea to browse and steal ideas... they do have lovely ideas. By the time I finished browsing around, I realized that I was tired and hungry, as dinner was just 2 buns that I picked up from the mini mart downstairs at my workplace.

I couldn't quite decide what to eat, mmm ... it was either to some pows from the dumplings shop or a pizza or two from Modestos Pizza when I caught sight of several people seated and eating what looked like shabu-shabu (steamboat).

The place is called THE STEAMBOAT KETAM VILLAGE. At first I felt a bit “pai she” (shy) to sit down and eat alone until I noticed 2 other tables with lone diners. Anyway, food always have a way with me.. I always loose to food.

Ordered the Dumpling Noodle Set (RM8.80) and being the ever gluttony me, I added Yong Fu Zhu and Chinese Tea.

I simply loved their green chilli and red chilli and even though they made me cough up what little brain matters I have. Simply hot and lovely.

Well, the bill came up to RM13.44, which is only a little bit more than a large McValue Meal at McDonnalds, but much hotter, much soupier and much much yummier haha.

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