Friday, November 16, 2007

Looking for a Partner........(not one in crime or in love thou)

Just came back not long ago from lunch with a friend (haha.. can you imagine after that yummy sinful nasi lemak breakfast this morning, I can still think let alone eat lunch?).

I have not seen Ming for more than 6 months and I just could not believe my eyes. Yeah.. he told me that he was on a diet over the phone and yada yada yada.. hey ain't tis the season to be round and jolly?

When I saw him... he was really looking good. His little round santa belly is now almost like a washboard. Geezz... if he was not married already with a kid.. I could fall for this guy's (body shape) :).

Seriously, I was rather doubtful as to the lasting power of all these fancy diets. But he has been on it for more than 60 days or so and the best thing for a glutton like me is when he tells me that he is having 3 main meals and no less than 3 snacks to a maximum of 9 snacks a day. Wow.. this really really my kinda diet.. a (see) food (and eat 'em) diet. He promises to send some reading materials over to me over the weekend. Of course there will be some supplements to take in order to keep the body energetic and in good shape. I reckon that most of us are taking some form of vitamins already, so that is not a big deal for me.

I can't wait for him to send me this 3 main meals and up to 9 snacks a day diet plan. Exercise (like 10,000 steps a day, no need for fancy gym membership) and sufficient sleep (hey.. that is one of my mostest favoritest hobby) is also important.

But one thing though, he advises that I should find myself a partner or some partners to do this diet with as it will be much more fun and effective, either as encouragement for each other or as a needle in the other's butts when they slack off. So.... where are my friends who want to give it ago?? I wanna start quick quick.. :)

My dream body shape is like this....

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twosuperheroes said... the materials to me once you got it from your pal eh..! Sharing is caring! Haha.
Superhero S wants to keep fit too! :p

Babe_KL said...

*hands and feet UP*

Anonymous said...

the dream body shape photo on your blog is like added with silicon dee, not ori 1.

Fishman said...

Count me in!! I want a washboard abs too (2nd pic)!!..not the boobs and thigh in the last pic.

Unknown said...

Hi twosuperheroes, babe and fishman... i have been away the last few days. Will be chasing Ming for the stuff today and will let you know the minute I get 'em. like neh?? the super beautiful Beyonce.. silicon and all.. haha... i like the shape but like you, no lah.. better it be ori or nothing hor?

Horny Ang Moh said...

Wah! Looking at all the nice food pic u post up how to go on diet??? To me diet no important lah! As long as u r healthy so what! Beside u r 'fat' meh?? Some guy like well 'endown' ladies u known. And some lady like big 'size' guy ( they say nice 'pillow' )!
Have a nice day!

Dc said...

hahaha, my tummy is not washboard, but at least it's not 3 months pregnant now. i feel alot better already not seeing my gut jut out :P

wishing u all the success in your healthy way of eating :) psst i didn't take supplements/vitamins :P

Anonymous said...

If doing it alone will get fed up very soon, so it's a wise decision to find a partner, although I am doing it alone :P

Unknown said...

hor ny ang moh : ya lor.. i agree with u leh.. with all the good yummy food everywhere to tempt me..takes a lot of mental power & discipline lor...aspire to be "fat" only at the right spots heehee.. if u know what i mean.

dcyk : yeah.. it sure will feel good when ppl stop asking me if i was pregnant...sigh.. thank u for your well wishes... will try to keep to the diet.. at least until i loose the "pregnant look" :p

edward : so, you are going it alone? i salute you lah.. i know several who have also done it and succeeded in by themselves and you have just been added to that list. Congrats edward :)