Friday, November 9, 2007

Things to do whilst waiting in a Traffic Jam :)

This morning's traffic was a bit bad despite many have taken off for the extended Deepavali holiday cheer. Must have been due to the rain. As I was looking around at the other drivers, wondering what they were doing, I spotted a lady doing her eye shadow and possibly her eyeliner. Wow.. that is quite a feat as doing eyeliners, one has to have pretty steady hands and any vibration will cause a possible Halloween look.

That set me wondering as to what other interesting things one can do whilst waiting in a Traffic Jam. I could only think of the some.

1) Read the papers or magazine or even a novel
2) Eat your breakfast (or lunch or dinner or just a snack, depending of the time you are caught in the jam)
3) Chat with a friend (using a hands free kit, of course)
4) SMS or MMS
5) Clip your fingernails (a bit difficult to do the toes though)
6) Clear your wallet, purse or handbag of all rubbish
7) Check your scheduler to see what meeting or appointment you'll be late for due the &#*W& jam
8) Listen to your radio, CD player or sing your most favourite songs really loud (only if you are alone unless you want your passengers to clobber you)
9) Have a dig at your ears, nose and/or teeth (yeeech)
10) When you run of ideas as to what to do, look around at the other drivers and see if they are doing anything more interesting than you.

Me.. I do some of the things above at some of the times when I am caught in traffic jams. But today, just to "up" that woman doing the makeup thingy, I took up my trusty little backscratcher, and scratched my back in ecstasy....ahhhhhhhhh

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Anonymous said...

haha, normally i will make up, eat breakfast or sms when it's really jam..haha

Nick Phillips said...

Damn, I do some of those things while I'm driving ... LOL!

Unknown said...

maria, could it have been you I saw doing your eye shadow the other day hahaha...

oh yes nick, we all do all that plus some other unmentionables too heehee

Deana E said...

thank God sabah jam is not that bad least on my way to work.