Thursday, November 1, 2007


Whenever I come across a Kolam design at any public place in Kuala Lumpur, I know that Deepavali is just around the corner. Kolam is the art of sandpainting using rice powder and this is normally done in homes of Hindus. A Kolam is a painted prayer, which consists of lines drawn in loops. I suppose this is equivalent to the Mandala paintings to the Tibetans.

To read more about Kolams, click here.

I chanced upon this work-in-progress at Ikano Power Station recently. I was totally fascinated as I caught them in the midst of doing 2 elaborate peacocks and since I was not there at the start, I didn’t realize that they had already made some markings on the floor before they put on the colored rice. I honestly thought that they did it free handed.

Stayed for as long as I could but since it was a rather detailed piece, they will need a fair bit of time to complete it. I was not able to wait for them to finish their piece. Will probably drop by Ikano again the next few days to check on the final result of the masterpiece.

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Dc said...

kolams r beautiful, too bad some ppl let their kids spoil those at malls :(

Unknown said...

yeah lor.. such a shame to spoil beautiful works of art.. :(